please pray for me

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Me and my father got into a huge fight said some things to eachother that was hurtfull.Broke the commmandment honer thy father and mother.Things are ok now but i feel lower than low.Please pray for me i will stay up all night and repent .god bless you all


  • Hey how is it going and how are you feeling now. I will definitely pray for you. I would really recommend that you do apologize to your dad and then go for confession, this will make you feel much better. Don't ever get scared that your dad may not accept your apology because its not possible. Just try what I'm telling you.

  • hey good luck...god be with u..i can sorta relate to i know how hard it is to apologise to ya parents..or say i love u to them..

    i dont really think i do those things at all...i dunno it aint a part of me..but that off the topic..i will try to remmba to pray for ya...

    make sure u talk to ur confession father
  • You can just go to the prist. That will make you feel all better.
  • you're in my prayers buddy..don't worry!

  • May God be with you, you are in my prayers, make sure to follow that commandment, and later on make sure you apologize, that is what's going to be the wrap in the argument trust me, apologies are VERY heart-warming!

    Coptic Servent
  • You're in my prayers as well, just carry a pentinent heart to confession and leave the rest to God. Have Faith.
  • trust me ur in my prayers. just say sorry and pray to god a small prayer first, then say sorry to ur dad. GBU.
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