Not the Cymbals but the Triangle...

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okay, so u know how there was a site and instructions on how to play the def (cymbals).. is there something like that for the triangle??


  • i don't think u need any. the triangle should FOLLOW the deff. so just look at how people play the deff and thatn follow. and i say FOLLOW because the triangle should NEVER be louder than the deff. i kno some deacons like to play around with it but i not right. and if u kno how to play the deff, and know how to follow well, it's easier to learn how to play the triangle. and i kno some deacons that would kno how to play the deff, but not the triangle.
    and by the way, i like to call it trianto. i think it's like the coptic word or somthing. that's how i was taght.
  • it acutliy depends on the deacon who's playing the deff. some deacons THINK that the deff sound good when it's louder. and that is totely WRONG. the deff should follow the lhn and never louder than the person who's saying the lhn. if the person have a vary law voice, the deff does not need to be played. and than u have the trianto following the deff, and NEVER louder.

    and the way i learned both was learning the trianto first, than the deff. you look at the deff to learn the trianto. and than apply what u learned on the deff.

    and by the way, girles CAN play the triangle and the trianto in church normaly like deacons. ;D. mostly in tasbeha.
    and girls could do almost everything that deacons do in ALHAN only. like we use to have FAMaLE muallemin. if u would kno, lhn abitgek evol was handed down by a famale muallemah.
  • What is the site that teaches you how to play the def? :)
  • u think u should master that trianto first. and when i say master i mean playing the trianto with any deff. than it would be a lot easier to play the deff. and by the way, in my church, we used to let one deacon stand with the girls witha mic so ther's two khoreses. that happend in tasbeha tho. but we don't do that any more becuase of the vary small number of girls that come to tasbeha. our tasbeha is AWSOME with our deacons. actuily u could hear the broadcasting to. and if u kive closem, come sometimes to tasbeha.

    i love the way that our deacons ( including me) play the deff and the trianto in my church. i kno that any deacon could get crazy with the deff, but it would NEVER sound good with the lhn. trust , we somtimes play 2, 3, 4 and even 5 deffs in one time. it depends on the lhn and the deacons. crazy, i mean some of the deacon in CL who really don't care about the tune or the way the lhn goes.
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    okay, so u know how there was a site and instructions on how to play the def (cymbals).. is there something like that for the triangle??
  • am sorry, but i really don't kno what are you should learn from this lesson??? ???.
    this is not the way u play the trianto. i think the main reason for the deff and the trianto and any other insturment are played to LEAD the people espcily in the time of liturgy where there is no muallem. so the deff in this case is to adjust and keep the rhythm of the lhn. and that lesson of trianto is not a RHYTHM. and any one can realize that.

    MarMar and any one who wishs to learn to play the trianto, just listen closly to the muallemen in you're churches. or personaly i would listen to the liturgy of my church that are on line(St. Mark's Jersey City).
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    at my house we have two cymbals, but one is bigger than the ;D :-[
    i need to get a real pair...

    Aaaaahhahahahahah, thats so Jokes!... Hilarious!...LOL

    At my house we got a few Nice big Daf's and a Huge Tirianto, and a normal sized
  • by the way, the heavier and older the deff, the batter to control. that's what i think.
  • mina, u r saying that this way is wrong??
  • am not saying it's. but just listen to that and try to say a lhn with it ???. u think u would kno what am talking about.
    and u should listen to one of the recording for my church.
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