True good monk and soccer

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Do you think monks would play soccer well or even participate much since it doesnt seem to me they would have the desire to prove themselves and it seems they might kick the ball a few times but not much participation after that..

I ask this question I think because thats how I am... maybe im lazy but even still would it be right to want to show off the whole time?

Or is competition sometimes good? but I think it would lead to pride and possibly anger?


  • Why are you assuming that the only reason to play hard is to show off. I would say that monks would play the same way that they do everything. If they are going to do anything they will put their all into it. For example every year at ECCYC H.G. Bishop David plays games and sports with us. Just ask anyone how hard H.G. throws the ball when playing fishers of men (a form of dodge ball) or how hard he runs when playing basketball or soccer. The point is not to show off, but to develop a comeraderie with the youth.
  • great answer KBibo8...also i just wanted to add that sports are fun because of the competition... thats what gives sports more value. If monks are being competitive in sports this does not mean they are breaking any 'ground rules' as a monk...simply, this the way sports are to be played and they are playing by the rules!

    yes competition can get ppl becoming self-indulged and proud, but like KBibo8 said, monks and priests tend to compete in sports in an attempt to develop a relationship with their church's youth. It is pathetic to think they are competing in hopes of becoming the center of attention.

    Priests and monks simply play as a means of sharing Christian fellowship with their youth b/c they know that it is imperative for youth to feel a sense of belonging in their Church community from a young age because they will eventually define the future of the Orthodox Church; the youth need to feel a sense of belonging in the church early on in life in order for them to trust and defend their church community in the future.

    Youstina S
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