friends? best friends?

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people are so mean! friends let you down
i mean when you are there best friend then they grow up . now they make fun of you
and treat you like a bitch- sorry i meant dogg .
any way wat i do when your best friend 4 many years is let you down [coptic][/coptic] .pray idid 4 him and min agle him i dont no.i told him to change be like you was but he toke advantage of my love. and way i dont need him


  • First of all...EASY on ur language man....nobody deserves u losing ur eternity.

    Try to look at Jesus Christ as a friend...try to stick to him as much as possible, as far as you can, with a father confessor to guide you in HIS church...

    then these small things will be forgotten as insignificant...

    In HIS Name,

  • Ok, yea I agree, can you please use better language on these forums, and in real life too, "for no cursers or swearers shall enter the kingdom of heaven"...

    Now, about your friend...See their point of view before you think they abandoned you. See what happened to them, and then decide if they're worth a friend worth having. And remember, God is always there for you, always ready to hear you more than anyone else on this earth...

    May God help you and guide you...
  • Alright everyone,

    please relax, i realize foul language was used, but theres no reason to attack copticsoul, one comment about it was simply enough, after that its just regurgitated and aggrivating finger pointing...copticsoul came here looking for advice and comfort and instead we judged and made him feel bad. I'm not saying that word is acceptable but in the same time, please try to not judge, im very sure we've all done/said similar or even worse things when we're upset, no one is perfect...

    now copticsoul forgive me, but what happened with this person, marmar91 spoke the truth by saying look at all sides of the story. This could be somewhat of a resolvable situation if you both discuss it, the best thing i can say is talk to a family member who had possibly gone through a situation like this, or even your father of confession for ways to deal with this. As we all know its not a great thing to lose a friend, especially since it seems like copticsoul and his friend seem to have a very length relationship. Its okay to feel wronged or hurt, thats what human emotions are for, but at the same time find ways to deal/solve the situation, preferably before the next time you take communion.

    take care

    In His Name,
  • yer....all of yous are right....see his side n NO1.. try to forgive...give it some time....n stay around other friends that will make u feel me i had a similar but MUCH worst fight n situations to the point we used violence....yer it was that bad....anyway....i gave it time n forgave n forget n im bak to normal n so is our relationship...well now were not enemies but not the best of friends.......

    it should be ok its not the end of the world
  • CopticSoul,

    I am in your exact same place, don't worry. (I already answered a similar question like this in peer pressure if you would like, check it out.. so to keep it short and sweet)
    If you can count the number of friends on one hand, which I am sure you can, you are very blessed. I recognize when people say, "see all sides of the story" and that is true, maybe they are just going through a rough time and need you there for them. Growing up with an Abouna as a father, he always taught me to make excuses for other people, but not for myself. Maybe the person is simply in a bad position at home, but if you are hostile to them with out knowing what is up with them, you might be the one that's wrong. My friend and Sunday School Servant told us, we have no Saints today because we make excuses. Try to look at this in a different light, if they truely do not want to be friends anymore, this could be God's way of showing you mercy, maybe if you continued to be friends, they would lead you to sin. Like someone earlier said, No one is worth losing your eternity. Remember, just as you do not want others to be a stumbling stone for you, you do not want to be one for others. Besides, even if you lost one friend, you still have all of us here at Tasbeha ;) and we all love you! Hope I helped.
    Pray for me and my many weaknesses,
    Your Sister in Christ,
  • You have to understand that times, as well as people, should try your hardest to make things work out for the best but if it's just not working then you have to move's all up to you..forget about all can't make them think and feel the way you do..just fix things within yourself and nothing will bother you..if your "friend" is like that, then obviously, she was never a friend..
  • [quote author=ServantOfJesus link=board=13;threadid=2610;start=0#msg41847 date=1131076226]
    You have to understand that times, as well as people, should try your hardest to make things work out for the best but if it's just not working then you have to move's all up to you..forget about all can't make them think and feel the way you do..just fix things within yourself and nothing will bother you..if your "friend" is like that, then obviously, she was never a friend..

    nice one. :)
    i totaly agree with all of u guys!!
  • There is no love greater than that of those who would die for their friends.
  • if your lookin for friends we are all here are your frnds and true like black said if u see them not respectin u they shouldnt be your frnds ignore them try to see wat on their minds why they ignrin u and that
    maybe something good will happen from this :P ;)
  • RIGHT ON!!! Yer new BESTIEST FRIEND =]]]] Vina love you!! <3
  • well, u can't really force someone to be ur friend. But as u get older with someone u've known ur whole life (or a while) u grow apart. U can't really control it just deal with it. I'd just stick with praying for them and if u see them just give them a friendly HELLO with a smile on ur face. :)
  • Friendship, by definition, is alloted to the few...., not the many. For as Solomon says; "A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity." True friendhip is often mainitained more by sacrafice then it is by recompensation.
    My suggestion to you is to deciepher between the secular defintion of friendship from the biblical concept of friendship before you break or make the comapnsionship.

    Keep in mind that the wisdom of God is able to pierce through the hearts of men like the sharpest blade fastened together in gold. If ever in doubt.......pray, pray and pray. God can make friends of the closest enemies (As was done during the transference of our Christ from Pilate's court to Herod's and back again; " That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, for previously they had been at enmity with each other." Luke 23:11) and enemies of the most tenaciously cohesive friends. If God is truly the bringer and santifier of all good things, including fellowship, then He alone is able to ease your plight.

    Keep this truth mind always remembering "Wealth makes many friends, But the poor is separated from his friend." (Prov 19:4)
    The richer you are in your spirit, in your good works, the more compelling you will make your self out to be to others. Every individual is searching for illumination in this dark world. Every person yearns for a constant and penetrating light, even implicitly in the very culmination of their souls; in the very core within their petrified hearts. If you are abundantly rich with God's light, you will inevitably be a "fisher[s] of men" Mthw 4:19.

    God bless
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