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what age do u think u will get married? what age is good and old enogh to get marred at? ???


  • I don't know when I want to get married...but the best age to get to know a person is 18 and then you would want to get married when your in your 20's, great topic btw

    [coptic]GOD BLESS[/coptic]
  • i think is when u r ready and have a job and have a house ans stable and have a great women or men in ur mind... it is just my opnion
  • we had a great topic about this before....but anyways...defently after that will probably be i the 20's!!
  • The issue isn't WHEN one should get's SHOULD I get married...and if WHOM.....forget age...that'll come by one can even think about this matter except early twenties! That's the minimum age about THINKING about the matter...other than that...think about your eternity...or "abadiya"

  • abadiya...wait a min what does that mean?
  • eternity. I agree. The question shouldnt be when but should I get married. Age'll come by itself, but who knows if you'll get married period?
  • I agree that it's not a matter of age because God has a plan for everyone so we can all plan on a certain age and a certain person but if it's not meant to be then it won't happen, and I think bringing up eternity is very interesting becuase that should be the first thing on our mind but the truth is that to most of us, everything else is on our mind but eternity
  • Just a small note everybody...Anba Makarios once had this thought of him being the best in the he was led to two married sisters who lived in a way that God Himself (Glory be to Him) said was better than Anba Makarios himself...however, another small note must also be said...Pope Shenouda says that "If you cannot actually leave the world...leave it in its essence..." or what we call in arabic "hayat el tark"...that is the essence of marriage or other than marriage...let me tell you one little thing more....

    If u guys read the seneksar, u'll find a lot of mothers who reared the saints we know of of today....many mothers we don't know...but some we do...they were married and in the world, but look at the offspring that they reared in the correct asks how did this family move about normally in the world, when it wa so rich inside...

    So in the's ur eternity that matters over and above...granted, in choosing marriage or monasticism, we almost get blind-sided...that's why it's very important to stick to ur eternioty and ur fight for it...whichever path you choose...

    It's a hard recipe...but God gives blessings throughout the way....

  • I didn't vote because I personally think that the marrying age should be much younger than 18. In the Old Testament days, you were considered an "old maid" (or "old butler", or what-have-you) if you weren't married by the time you were 18. It has been shown statistically that the sexual degradation of some given society is directly proportional to the average marrying age of that society. It makes absolutely no sense to have some hormone-raged 27 year-old like me walking the planet with no outlet.
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=10;threadid=2443;start=0#msg38007 date=1126192942]
    abadiya...wait a min what does that mean?

    thanks christ4life!!!
  • USMN....I completly disagree with you....marriage is not an outlet for a hormone raged man...because it lasts forever....when u've exhausted urself with all u want...u'll find urself stuck with a committment u can't live with....

    Marriage in our church is not a one-night-stand my is like the union of Christ and His what St. Augustine especially has to say about this....

    this may be the answer for all what u want to know!!
  • thank u guys for sharing ur opinion i am going to lock this topic but i want to see what age u wanna get maried at so i am not locking the poll thanx again
  • if u have any friends on here tell them to come and vote
    thax and have a good day
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