when do u wanna get married



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    lol, ya young is good, 20 is just too young 22 is good
    ok 19 is great 20-22 is excellent 25 ya better get married if its ur will
    ok and matt i told jenny not to say that and that is kinda true

    according to sherry i better have a bride by now or i am going to be late in the race (i am 19 by the way)

    ok i missed a lot on this thread but im sain if ur redy wen ur 19 thats like the minimum kinda age then yeh 25-27 is kinda like maximum
    well that is wat id think but hey do wat u like
    ok GBU
  • lol

    no comment ;D

  • i wanna get married when im 40, that way i'll be sure im not making any stupid decisions
  • when i'm almos out of collage, that's when i want to get married ;D
  • Hey guys,
    I was just wondering why it's "wrong" for a girl to be older than a guy she's marrying. And you guys said that the age diffrence between a man and a woman is a man can be up to 5 years older than the woman but what if the woman was 1-5 years older than the man?

  • i hope to get married when i graduate from college. (21/22)....but if its later its ok..whenever i find the right person

    ..oh ya and i have to get married on st mary's feast, that would be a cool wedding!
  • arite.. i afantacize so i want to get married either really close to finishing college or right after college so lik between 23-27... and i want twin girls and my husband to end up being a priest.. yes im wierd.. but since this sites bout marriage and how and wen we want it..just thought id share..
  • age doesnt matter much if the two people r like
    19 and 20
    20 and 21
    21 and 22
    22 and 23

    these ages can be of either boy or girl.. it doesnt matter here if the girl is older than the boy or the boy is older than the girl in this situation.. there r more important things that matters between them at this stage in life..

    do u see a pattern in the ages above?

    u notice that this is the time when BOTH individuals have entered university or college.. and theyr exposed to the same environments and difficulties in life.. they go through the same experience..


    when theyr like

    15 and 20
    15 and 18
    16 and 19

    notice these ages reflect two different environments.. one is still in highschool and the other one is in college or uni..

    it doesnt make sense for two people to become closer if they cant relate to each other's environments..

    any feedback?


  • yea, i get wut ur saying
  • omg thats amazing!

    most people dont lol

    good..im finally understood! ;)
  • i wanna get married when i find the rite person n whenever God thinks im ready (i hope thats soon cause im getting bored at my parents house jk ;))
  • u guys are really desperate for a guy/girl....lol

    my aunty and uncles age is 12 yrs apart!!!! and she got married wen she was 16!!!!
    buuuuuttt u cant do that now...

    anyone thinking of not getting married??

    GBU ;)
  • i think we should have a tasbeha.org wedding, premature one, to show people who want to date n ting how hard it is.. sorta like "survivor: on-line coptic marriage"... volunteers ebleeze? ;D
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    I actually don't want to get married - however, IF it is God's will for me, i'm sure He'll change how i feel about it.

    You said: "If you do it too early you might waste your life" - hmm... coming from someone who doesn't want to get married - i really don't think married life is "wasted" life ;) Its just a different type of life-style.

    In answer to your question - i think it depends on maturity and not so much age - I mean, i have some friends who are 30 and NO-WHERE near ready to get married. Its a huge deal. Its not just like getting a flat-mate or something... so yeh... I'm not too sure if age is that relevant.

    Having said that, stats say that ppl who are married at 24 are 5 times more likely to end up divorced, than if they married that same person at 27 [its to do with the whole maturity thing..] But yeh - nowadays they find stats to prove everything... so i'm not sure what that says...

    This topic was also discussed here: http://www.mycopticchurch.com/ask/Messages/ViewThread.cfm?ThreadID=1947#9
    Check it out :)
  • i think 53 is a reasonable age...
  • i think thats too early ;)
  • u read my mind!
    lol.... maybe 73 is more reasonable
    lots of fish in the sea at that time ;) lol
  • i think at the age of 70....73 is too old, 70 is just right :D
    GBU ;)
    and o-balkom...((excuse my arabic))
  • wow even in marriage u guys r thinking about Jesus.....!!!
    you guys r so smart the 70s age range is for sure a wise choice
    considering (egyptians die earlier than americans.....i mean average death rate)
    by 70 one will have probably died
    since you are dead, you will be marrying your bridegroom ..Jesus..since you will be with Him in heaven
    very smart decision i totally agree 70 is a great age :P
  • hahaha
    i was thinking about that ironically (for real this time)
    but if i was to get married in that sense, i'd want to get married right now.... no engagement period plz! lol
    but i'd want to be married to the perfect person.. not the other one
  • MarMar I don't think anybody is gonna respond this thread is a year old lol the last post was made in november 2004 lol
  • I think there shouldnt be a "specific age", because there is this love and passion that exists within all of us; it is burried deep down in the inside of our hearts. When you find this true love that fills your whole heart and whole world, you will know that he/ she is the right person for you. You would be gazing into his/her eyes and him in yours endlessly and you would never get bored, or just be holding hands and never wanting to let go. So when you find this right person that matches you, I think then it is the right time.
  • When do I want to get married? Now!
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    When do I want to get married? Now!

    LOOOL :D can't say the same
  • yeah, i cant wait to get married because its a milestone in my life, but if u think about it, its a kind of enslavment. you become one with ur husband, u are him and he is u,
  • When do I want to get married? Now!

    definetly not before i finish college :)
  • ok the first to get married on this site is inviting all tasbeha members to their wedding lol
  • Im dont know...whenever its good for me but u like im guna start looking out for a serious relationship when im like 19 or sumthin then hopefully i wanna get married in my early 20s.
  • hello,
    i think u don't have 2 marry while u're still in collage and if that is somethin' that u think about it too much pray an' ask God so he'll choose U the life in which you'll be with him always :)
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