i have a quick question?

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hi everyone
i'm new to this website
i have a quick question ?
i looking for a cd which English spiritual songs
the Cd called "the second heaven" and the second CD called i think i'm really sure of the name but i think it called "we are not of this world"
so if any one knows where can i get there
i look on tasbeha where is the songs but i couldn't find these CD.
if you know a website i can buy them or download them
or if you have the actuall Cd i can make a copy of yours if you don't mind
please i love those CD
May our lord Jesus Christ Bless each one of you
and remember me in ur prayer ;D


  • i know the first one but i really don't know the second one!!it is great i have it! 8)
  • so sandrahanna you have the CD called "the second heaven"
    does anyone has the Cd called "we are not from this world"?
  • hey didnt u put up a similar post: "new spiritual songs" or sumfin like that???
  • i think so too...
  • ya u did and here is it


    i guess u can get answers from that too...and welcome to the site by the way :)
  • this website is awsome
    it's has a great section of songs
    but not what i'm looking for
  • i think they sell it at my church i will get a website for you to download it if you would like!!!! and welcome to tasbeha!!! you will love it!!! may our lord jesus christ bless us all!!!! glory be to god!!!! :D
  • Thanks basketball
    Yes I would love to have the website
    please do
    I'm waiting for your answer
  • hey i can mail it to you if you would like!!! or send it to you like i have done before!!!! lol i will try!!! peace
    batikh-basketball :)
  • okay i will try lol!!! pray for me!!!!! thanks!!!! :D
  • i heeard it on the tasbeha before but i can't remember where was it anyways i will rty to find it!
  • Welcome USA_Yasmina

    sorry I couldn't help you, but I would like to say welcome and hope to hear from you often
  • USA......, you emailed me and asked for the CD's go to my church website on mystjohn.org and do to hymns then pick....they are under constuction so I dont think they have a lot of dowloaded cds but the second heaven is there. Is saw it the day you emailed me.....plz respond next tim :) ;)
  • ohh someone told me about this website called


    ithink it was and u can ask for specific cDs and they upload it for u i think. i havnt actually tried to upload anything but i have used the website to listen to songs and stuff. its pretty good. anyway. cya
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