Can any1 help me with this verse??

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Mark ch 13 v 17-18

this is an awsome verse, which deserves heaps of contimplation...
i have good idea wat these verses mean, but i cant put it into words, well words that make sense anyway...


  • ur right G.J.I. I've always wondered about this verse.
    my opinion is that times are going to be so hard and harsh that people,or women in this case, won't want top have kids. but i think thats just the figurative meaning. any thoughts would be good.
  • Jesus uses symbolism to describe the hardship that is to come. Winter, if you remember, in those days was a tough season. In winter, the journey would have been rougher, there were no heaters, etc. at night. If there was war, or sudden emergency, it would result in massive loss of life, especially in winter, since winter is an especially harsh season. Allegorically speaking we could also say winter describes the winter of our hearts. If we go through hardships in "our summer" (for example: after a conference, or whenever we feel close to Him) the hardship will be less difficult. But in "our winter" (when we feel that God is distant) the difficulties feel so much worse because we feel alone.
  • i dont follow Michael. please elaborate
  • I believe that Jesus uses women to symbolize humans, and when He says, "pregnant", I think He means pregnant with sin and not with children. In this case I believe Jesus means much trouble will be brought unto those people who are carrying much sin at the time He makes His Second-Coming.

    I hope I was of some help.

  • Hi,

    I would like to add one more thing. This symbolizes those who are still pregnant in their Faith. Because we are supposed to be mature in our Faith when Jesus comes back. But if someone is still pregnant or nursing in Faith (which means he has no faith or is still hesitating) then he will be rejected.

    In another verse Jesus is asking : Will the son of man find Faith on earth when He returns?

    Let's pray and ask our Lord to give us a strong Faith in Him so that He finds us already mature and awake when He comes back.

    Thank you and pray for me.

  • karfaw, volblorx8633 spot on!!
    thats wats i was lookin for, u guys put it in words quite easily though, well done
  • [glow=red,2,300]Happy Pentecost!!![/glow]

    This is an awesome verse to reflect on....thank you G.J.I!

    Its important to understand the historical context form which this was said. This is a prophecy our Lord Jesus was telling to Sts. Peter,James John and Andrew (Mark 13:3) about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Roman general Titus. The Great Temple was burned and defiled it by standing in the most innermost sanctum : The Holy Place where only the High priest was permitted to enter. The Church fled Jerusalem before this happened. This was reported by the great Jewish historian, Josephus who was an eyewitness of the events.

    From a broader sense, We Christians have suffered amny persecutions and many more will come as well! In the 20 th century millions were killed (like in Russia by Joseph Stalin- who once was an Orthodox seminarian!) and we must be be aware of this. We Orthodox have been persecuted by Pagans, atheists, muslims and even other "Orthodox"(Byzantine Empire, for example)! This leads to the spiritual interpretation.

    Verses 14-23 deals with the Great Tribulation. The future seems bleak and sudden tragedy will overtake jeruslame so fast that pregnant women and nursing mothers will have a very hard time in escaping. As brother Michael Thoma has so clearly stateed, winters were harsh since it was cold and rainy and the wadis (rivers) would be impossible to pass. St. Ephraim the Syrian says : " Winter is without fruit and sabbath without labor. Do not let it be you who might be led away captive under such circumstances-when you neither have fruit nor work." In more crude words.... dont be caught with your pants down when the persecutions and tribulations occur! Will we be spiritually prepared to withstand the trials these times will bring us? Only in Jesus christ can w truly find the strength to do so! Tjis also connects with what brother Michael Thomas said:" If we go through hardships in "our summer" (for example: after a conference, or whenever we feel close to Him) the hardship will be less difficult. But in "our winter" (when we feel that God is distant) the difficulties feel so much worse because we feel alone." The positive side of persecution is that it helps build "spiritual calluses" ,if u will, to be able to weather the coming storms (persecutions).

    This is of course in a grand scale but in a smaller one, we experience persecution everyday by the flesh, the devil and the world and the more we fall and get back up , the stronger we get when we confront ever bigger problems!!! But let us remeber what the Lord Jesus christ said: John 16:33

    "3These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[1] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

    Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  • Awesome Picture! :o
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