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>:( My friend told me that his dad gave some1(homeless) 5 bucks & he bought two packs of cigars with them. HOW SAD!!!!!!!!


  • i'm not trying to be mean but what does this have to do with tasbeha or christian religion?

  • OK ? So What... your friends dad is a kind man.

    Basically, the spirit of giving does not care what the end results are. In other words, what the reciever does with the money shouldn't make a difference to the person giving.

    You give because it is a charitable act.


    There was this saint (a monk) who usually goes to town to run errands for the monestary. While in town, he saw a poor person lying there cold, so the saint gave that person his coat. The following week, the monk went back to the town to run more errands, he saw a sinner woman wearing his coat. He went back to his cell and started praying to God for guidance. How did his coat end up with that woman?

    After much prayers, God appeared to him in a dream and told him that he gave the coat to God. God accepted it. What God does with his gift (the coat, the money, whatever it may be) is up to God.

    Same with everything, you give your gifts, charitable donations, etc... to God. He accepts them and routes them as he deems fit. It is mentioned in the Bible (sorry no reference) " out of Your hands we give You"

    So, don't worry about what the homeless guy does with the money. But at the same time, we need to be watchfull and try to make sure the money goes to the needy (The true bretheren of the Lord)

  • thank you so much maged...I understand now.. i lov that story bout the monk to...

    johannes hanna
  • this board will be deleted in 1 hour time now:4:07 if no any replies it will be gone....i got all i needed from maged
  • Nicotine is an appettite suppressant. So that $5.00 worth of nicotine satisfied what probably would have required $15.00 worth of food. Often times, when I have been in the financial ditch, I would have like $4.00 or $5.00. I would ask myself, "What should I spend this money on? A cheap meal from McDonald's which will only satisfy me for about two hours? Or a pack of cigarettes, which due to its appettite suppressing qualities, will prevent me from having to spend $15.00 or $20.00 on food I would have spent if I didn't have nictone?" The answer was obvious. I would buy the cigarettes. So yes, it still was an act of charity.
  • What???? I do not get you. ??? ???
  • LOL u_stole_my_name .... hahaha you're funny... BUT SO NO ONE GETS THR WRONG IDEA FROM YOUR POST.... THIS SITE DOES NOT PROMOTE SMOKING as it is a HARMFUL ACT TO THE BODY GOD GAVE YOU, WHICH IS ALSO REFERRED TO AS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT...... see 1 Corinthians 3:16 k pplz... jus thought id add that in ....salaamz
  • It isn't funny, actually, it is harmful!!!!!!!
  • I agree with safaa
  • Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. (Psalms 40:1)
  • stupid smokers
  • that was very random, not every1 that smokes r stupid so please watch ur language
  • well the fact that they get addicted to the stuff is pretty stupid...
    like u kno u r gonna get addictided u kno how much they cost u kno that its gonna take a lot of money from u so y start?
  • Think of it as how many time have u been given something and u did not use it for the right way. How many times has God given u and u did not use it for his purpose?

    it makes u think that we ourselves do not use the tools given to us properly
  • yeah about anba abraam a story about 3 young men had a plan and 2 of them went 2 anba and asked him 4 money cos there mate is died and they've not got any money 2 bury him so he blessed them and gave them the money which the congregation of the church has been collecting to build a new building 4 visitors so they got the money and went 2 their mate and they found him actually died so they went and apologize to our saint and wanted 2 return the money but he refused and said 2 them that cos this is money of the god which is 4 the poor
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