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Well, I was wondering what you guys think of it because I hate the word it's a disuse of language and you shouldn't use that's my opinion, but I would like your opinion as well

and for my second question what do you guys think of the word "shut up" I don't use it either but for some cases i use it i only used it 2-3 times this year and i confessd, but is disrespectful again my opinion


  • the word HOTT... is a hot word... I like to use it non-stop... and shut up... your telling a person to shut their mouths... nothing wrong... but I dont get the title of the thread... America's word?
  • i dont like to upset any1, and i think "shut up" is a somewhat harsh word, if you want some1 to stop talking, i think "be quiet" might be a little less rude

    "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers" Ephesians 4:29
  • PrincessMary I also found a verse a while back

    "Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man" Matthew 15:11
  • yes thats a great verse too :), i think there was a simmilar topic about bad words posted earlier... a week ago or something
  • This is so hot!!! What a hot topic! It might make some peope hot with anger!

    ....anyways...I'm hot, so I gotta go take a shower.
  • on this site a topic could get hot... if it gets enough responses ;D
  • actually marmar it is spelled HOTT not HOT it's spelt that way because so people can know the difference
  • anytime, but you didn't cause any ignorance please no harm done with that
  • ohhhh....kinda like "fat" and "phat" and "queen" and "quean" if you catch my drift... :-X
  • thought


    where were we when we were wearing wares? (thnx dave ;))

    dont u just love english ;D
  • I think it might be an abbrevation for queen

    like what u_stole_my_name said "queen" and "quean"
  • marmar I'll just tell you something look at this and tell me if you understand

    sometimes people use favorite and the abbrevation for it is favourite
  • no no I didn't mean it that way sorry you can say anything you want I'm not judging you though
  • "quean" is simply a slang term for a homosexual....It's not used much anymore, but it was a popular term during the '80's, like "rad", for example
  • lol ok we're not gonna go into grammer and slang and all that here...but the word HOT i personally dont think theres a meaning to it unless ur sayin the food is hot or the weather is hot...but when ur saying it about the opposite sex... i dont get it...doesnt make sense to me. u can say cute, beautiful, etc.... instead. but i personally dont like to use that word....pray for me
  • I personally feel that the term "HOTT" is superficial and ridiculous. The english language is so full of words to describe something or someone, and the arabic language too, and just about any other language. Abbreviations are great, but i don't understand HOTT, even if I triend for a million years, I doubt that I'd ever understand the word... lol
  • banging??? what kind of word is that? lol :P I should add this to my list of "words I will never understand even if I tried for a million years".

    lol, you guys crack me up ;D
  • Well, if you think about it, we can put up the same argument for many other words. It all depends on the person and what they use to get their opinion across. Sure, not everyone may agree with it, but that doesn't mean that we have to put it down on our "black list". You know what I mean? I understand where everyone is coming from but at the same time, we should keep an opne mind at times, and let us remember that it's not only words that make us but our spirit. What we mean by the words we use, well, that's another issue.

  • Hott toward a person = Sexy
    Thats it
  • actually, ive heard someone say that someone has a banging personality.. one of my egy friends at school actually says it a lot.. i think by banging one could mean like really this food is bangin, or this place is bangin .. but then they could also use it as in "this girl/guy is bangin"...nd hott.. i think that it is used also the same way
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