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As the title of the topic summarizes, this post is about feelings while youth are growing up. For example: Friends, Opposite Gender, Parents, and Stuff.
It would be really good if each person gave us something that they are dealing with now and everyone reading can give advice, and so on. That way, we all benefit from each other's experiences.

God Bless


  • well im goin thru this one situation right now...i like this one girl, but she likes somebody else and theyre about to date and she knos about it and we have talked about it before...so i told her that if shes gonna be happy with this one other guy shes talkin to everything will be fine, cause liking somebody doesnt have to necissarily end with a relationship...cause what i really think is if you like somebody and theyre not willing to be with u and they something else planned out, u should be happy for them instead of being all upset cause u cant have a relationship...so i dunno if any of u have comments or advice, thanx, pray for me...

  • How old are the people concerned?
  • *If you like a person they may drift you from God and distract you*

    [coptic]Nansy Mekhail[/coptic]
  • why when we always talkin about dating, this comes up and say that they will drift us away from god??? why cant we say that we could try to bring them closer to god? trust me it works too...
  • Anger, rage, psychosis, loneliness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness-----that's me in a nutshell (more like a nut-house, actually)
  • I've been through so much from friends that there isn't an emotion I haven't felt, and there are even some I invented! lol

  • you know what... just forget about people around you and focus on one thing.. Christ. Christ is the ONLY one that will NEVER let you down.

    once you take Christ as your one true friend, there is no person that can knock you down. People will leave you, people will deny you, people will stab you in the back, but none of this is of any consequence, because Christ is ALWAYS by your side.

    When you feel down.. look up...
  • sorry but i dont think a romantic relationship usually brings people closer to God AT ALL... especially when they are premature and off in timing.
    in fact i remember once one of our younger priests was making fun of how he gets a lot of people in confession saying Abouna i like this guy but hes great and hes a deacon and we read the Bible together etc. etc. and he was saying that relationships like that are like wolves in sheeps clothing ... and his answers to the people involved were maybe you should stop reading the Bible then lol... just so no one gets offended .. i think he was just discouraging the relationship and not comdemning the act of reading the Bible... got it guys? ;)!
    p.s. i agree with mikey... his thinking is really good especially if youre still a teenager or too young for marriage time... Christ is really all you need 4 now :D
  • im having a friend problem...im realizing a friend of mine is showing symptoms of exessive pride...i try showing modelling the proper christian behaviour in front of this person, but nothing seems to be working. whenever i am around this person i get a little annoyed when all day this person boasts of themself...how can i help this person not be so self-absorbed, or really, how can i help myself not feel so angered from inside whenever this person starts talking about themself
  • Mark 10:31
    But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.

    Always when I'm in a situation with friends, especially when they're not Christian, I repeat this verse in my head. It helps, it's just like counting to ten, you know, to save your patience.

    Eph 4:26
    Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath

    Just don't give the devil the chance to play with your thoughts. People like that are oftenly very insecure, so they try to hide that by acting arrogant.

    GBU, keep me in ur prayers
  • y must everything revolve around romantic relationships
    PS- if you have a trouble with a friend -- confront that friend ---if things dont change then maybe thats not a friend worth having
  • Well right now I'm going through a stage in my life in which I just want stay away from God and the church. I know it sounds a little crazy but I don't know why I'm feeling this way. I feel like my relationship with God is deteriorating...I mean I've stopped reading the bible, I've stopped praying or even just talking to God and I don't have the same excitment I had when I'm at church. I just sit there and ask "why am I here?" ???. I think its just a stage of life that everybody goes through so I think maybe its normal and so thats why I haven't talked to anybody about this feeling, except my friend who really didin't get it :(. I've had this feeling for almost 2 months now so I hope it goes away soon although I kinda dougt it. So now I'm asking you guys for help. Any advice?

    P.S. this is not my first post its just that I kinda deleted my account for a while and then re-registered.
  • are sure that the feeling is WANTING VOLUNTARILY to stay away from God? Maybe it's other things contributing to this, but i'm sure u dont wanna be away from God. Sometimes it feels like everything lost its taste, but God never will. Pray, pray, pray, this might be a test to your faith. Keep strong.

    I hope you overcome this.
    ...God Bless...
  • Keep.Smiling gave me a great reply to post (thank you)

    Kiro, would you want to drift away from God will then don't think about liking someone this soon, wait until your done with college
  • or in college....
    o and thank you.
  • hey! i know i havenmt posted in AGESSS...
    its really funny Mar mar, even when i was a regular poster you always seemed to be saying what iw as thinking.. styill got that charm ;) lol. wierd.. almost sounded like my scenario there... the one you put up as an "against all odds"... hmm... help here?
  • Could you clarify that marmar, lol. I didn't really understand the scenario. I'm kinda confused ???
  • lol.. i know what you mean, i hear ya hun!
    and wow... pm me sometime.. you sound a lot like me...hehee
  • [quote author=kiropidiakonos link=board=13;threadid=2192;start=0#msg33520 date=1122414010]
    20 and 18

    I think Kiro is old enough for love
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