How can we as real Copts know?

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How can we as real Copts know?

1- If a new member in this tasbeha website a) Not being Copt, or b) pretend to be a Copt but making mockery of the Church teaching? “ For the tree is know by its fruits. “ Matthew 12:33

2- How to deal with him/her, in practical, Biblical and according to the Orthodox teaching?

3- Should we avoid his/her posting and do not communicate with them?, because I find myself, by replying they increase their level of aggression.

4- I would kindly like to invite everyone to share his/her own thought, opinion and view of this matter. If anyone have solution to this problem, please tell us what to do.


  • Safaa, unfortunately there is no way to know who is behind that computer screen. Some of us copts think in different ways, and others who aren't copts can act as if they are very easily. As for how to deal with them, I believe that if you have tried all in your power to convince them, leave the rest to God. If they just refuse to listen and be close-minded, then I just say let them be. You, nor anybody else, can for someone into something.
  • Hello all,

    Well, although we will never know who is behind that computer screen it's important to believe that Jesus is on the side reading as well because, i believe it is safe to say, that this website was built with Him in mind. Therefore, we should reply to those who attack our church with respect...give them advice respectfully, then leave the rest to God as Christ4Life stated.
    Alright take and God bless
  • I was listening to the weakly meeting of H.H. Pope Shenouda III today, and one of the question addressed to H.H.,

    “ why H.H. do not answer the attack against the Coptic Church by some writer of certain newspaper? “
    His H.H.’s answer was “ We do not answer those writer, the best answer is not to answer. Because by replying to those people, we give them legitimacy and honour which they do not deserve. “ by the way this is my week translation, so I am not putting words to any one’s statement.

    Mt dear friends of tasbeha, why we do not apply the same principles to any one who attacks our Coptic Church, the Holy Bible or one of our dear friend to us all " Iqbal ", by ignoring his posting and aggressive style of questions.

    We have one now at our hand, I am resisting the temptation to reply to his post(2). I am calling on all of you my dear beloved to follow what our beloved Pope Shenouda advised us to do today. Thank you very much.

    Who has an ear let him hear!!!!!!!!
  • My dear friends ,
    I am indeed disheartened by this Safaa but im sure for every such person as u speak of, there are 100's whose heart and soul are true to the Church and God.
    Every day I have to " bite my tongue " and keep quiet - It was all put there to test us I'm sure.


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