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Ok everyone I needed ur help on my opinion so i decided to ask everyone first. Ok my question is why is being a goth so bad? And how many people think it is right. I really have ideas on this subject but I wanted to see if i could get a little idea on everyone;s point of view. Thanks Everyone


God *Is* Love


  • Hello all,

    "goth" is just a fashion statement...and just like the current fashion (showing midriff, tight pants, spandex shirts) it's disrespectful and distracting at times...that's why our ever so concerned egyptian parents would prefer us not to jump on the band wagon.

    Take Care & God Bless
  • I don't see the meaning of being a goth when God created you and you don't need to fall into temptation against the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i dont know. it seems so freaky. they all just seem to hate everything and feel nothing. not something i'd want to be or have any1 i know be. :-\
  • If you know any real Gothics then you would well know that they're either aethist or hate God. The rest are just trying to look cool in front of everyone..but yes, goths are bad.
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