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You would think if you were in Jesus's present and witnessed his mericals or heared him speak, etc... that you would believe in him.

So why did the Jews not believe in Jesus?


  • So the scriptures of the Old Testament would be fulfilled, and the price of sin paid.

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  • Greetings All,

    Actually it is not completely accurate to say the Jews did not believe in Jesus. Many, many Jews believed in Jesus, for example, St. Mary, St. Mark, St. Peter and many of the original followers of Jesus were Jews.

    Regarding other individuals at the time of Jesus. Many people at that time believed the Messiah would be a king of men and free the Jews from all persecution by leading an army. Very few expected the Messiah to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey.

    I hope this helps. Please forgive me if I have offended.

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  • i was listening to a sermon by one of the bishops and he said:

    the jews were so materialistic, they were seeking everything that was so worldy and therefore they were seaking a worldy king but when our lord came, they didnt notice who he really was. our lord was a humble and meek king not one seeking power, glory and fame as the jews were expecting

  • Jesus was a Jew.
    Some of us are decendants from those early Christians that were Jews that believed in Jesus.

    The question is asking as to why those Jews did not convert/believe in Jesus at the time when Jesus was walking amoungst them and performing mirecals?
  • they don't have strong faith like us there faith gives up quickly and they wouldn't believe he was the messiah which is disrespectful and they should believe in him because his preaching, and his great miracles!
  • Those Jews didn't believe because they were waiting for an earthly king to free them from the Romans at the time...they were waiting for the Messiah which they believed was coming to save them in a materialistic way...saving them from earthly problems...not spirtuality and sins...
  • I think I share your view Marianne87.

    I think had Jesus used his power VIOLENTALY instead of kindly then all the Jews would have been converted. Has Jesus used his power to take life (Roman) instead of giving (raising the dead), had Jesus performed a power mircale to Herodus etc... then the Jews would have believed that he was their savour (in this world as through violence) and probably worshiped him through fear instead of love as we do.

    As Christians we are non-judgemental and take all as we find them. The respect for life goes without saying. However if anybody is looking for a difference (and there are many) between us and the Jews, well, the Jews were happy to have Jesus crusified and go through what he has to endure, and guess what to a fellow Jews. Would a Christian have done the same?!!
  • Deano

    Has Jesus used his power to take life (Roman) instead of giving (raising the dead),

    Where in Romans do I find what you have written in the above quote?
  • [quote author=Safaa link=board=1;threadid=2089;start=0#msg32522 date=1121456591]

    Has Jesus used his power to take life (Roman) instead of giving (raising the dead),

    Where in Romans do I find what you have written in the above quote?

    I think Deano just meant that if Jesus was to overthrow the Romans (as in people who live in Rome who were overthrowing the Jews ...instead of giving life to the dead...that all the Jew might have accpeted him
  • Apologies to safaa. As Marianne explained - I mistyped and used "Has" instead of "Had". This changed the meaning all together. Amazing how one letter could have the opposite effect.
  • Deano,

    No apology is needed, all of us made mistakes,

    May God bless
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