i need a lot!!!



  • okay okay....... sorry sorry SORRY!!!! sorry to anoy you all!!!!!
  • Hey gurl mayb u shud talk 2 ppl who went 2 egypt and saw her apperance and sorta interview them...just a thought
  • yeah that can work too!!! thanks!!!
  • u can ask....!have fun!u know what am i talking abu right!
  • what???? ??? ??? confused!!!
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh okay i understand know lol!!!! funny!
    hey to everyone who is confused batikha is my nickname!!!!! lol :D
  • is it reelly neccasery that i repeat maself just tell me wen uunderstand DO ALL UR UN-NECCASERY TALK SOME WHERE ELSE PLEASE IF THIS DOESNT STOP IM GOING OFF THE SITE FOR GOOD!!

  • im sorry that i cant be of much help but i think the books are the best reference.... :)
  • books can work but [glow=red,2,300]where can i get them[/glow]???? it was a good idea though. ;D thanks
    batikha-basketball :)
  • what book are you talking about??
  • read the other posts sandra!!!! ;)
    batikha-basketball :)
  • i can't read this much!you know!i am lazy!
  • Honey, then don't reply!! I'm not trying to be rude or something, but really, come on, if you have nothing to say, then don't say it!

    God bless You.
  • thanks for being rude and i just was wondering if someone can just explain it!!
  • CopticChica21, hey would u be able to find a website for me to read aricles and books!!!! :) thanks and i would really apperciate it!!!! ;D lol god bless!!!!
    batikha-basketball :)
  • and for me too!please! :'(
  • Great, now you are telling me that I'm rude!!

    Well, I'm sorry, I just don't see the point in replying as much as you can, without having anything to say. AND don't get me wrong this time, but come on, pm eachother or save your conversations to MSN.

  • pm eachother or save your conversations to MSN.

    i agree, me and irini dont talk bout our favorite disney films on the forums either sigh, dont take this the wrong way but its really annoying to see all this useless posts.
  • sorry please forgive and that hurt my feelings!!!! lol
    batikha-basketball >:( :'(
  • I think that everything what was said in the previous 4 pages have to do with the topic ..and because that is the case..there is no need to take it to msn..because it has to do with Coptic Orothodox Cristianity..and therefore is fine...anyone who keeps on talking about moving it to msn..should just stop because they are the ones usingt up the space...


  • thank u biboy!!! i really apperciate it!!! and i mean let us get back on topic!!!!! thank u and sorry for sounding mean!!!!!! :D glory be to god!!!! :)
    batikha-basketball :)
  • hey guys do you have any other websited that have miracles for st.mary??i think that was the topic!
  • okay thanks for replying eveyone!!!!
    basketball :)
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