coptic words!

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if anyone know any coptic words or greeting words in coptic and would like to share it with other people.please say it because i am trying to learn coptic!

god bless you!


  • the only word i know is:
    [glow=red,2,300]nofrishay[/glow]:happy easter!
  • Hi Sandra,

    Here's one:

    [coptic]as pe pery][/coptic] (fem. - addressing a girl) => Read as:
    ash pe pe-reety

    [coptic]as pe pekry][/coptic] (masc. - addressing a guy) => Read as:
    ash pe pek-reety

    This means: How are you? (literally means "What is your condition?") :)

    And btw, Nofri Shai literally means Merry Feast.. so you can use it in any occasion :)

  • hey jus thought i might post this for anyone who wants to know the coptic alphabet.

  • That's such a good idea sandrahanna...thanks for the topic...maybe we should start a topic where people could teach coptic...because i have little to no idea how to read it
  • "because i have little to no idea how to read it"
    do you mean you want a site have the coptic words?
  • well ya or if anyone can teach it
  • i know coptic and i can teach it but tell me how to write coptic on the computer!!
  • Sandrahanaa i'm sorry i don't know how to write coptic on the computer :'(
    But here is a really good website if anyone wants to learn coptic... you can listen to the alphabet and how you join the letters together, and the rules of each letter..

    God Bless! :)

  • Sandra,

    Download the coptic fonts and install them on your computer

    You should be able to change fonts (in word, excel, etc...) like you would any other font. It takes a bit of learning, but most Coptic Charters match the english charters that has the same sound. for example, the Alpha is the letter 'A' and the Beta is the letter 'B' etc....

    As for coptic words, you know alot more than you think.

    We greet eacher other during the holy 50 days saying "Ekhrestos Anesti" "Alithos Anesti" (btw this is Greek, not coptic) The coptic would be "Pekhrestos aftonf" "Khen O methy aftonf"

    Nofri Ashai Empigenmecy (or Happy Feast of birth)

    there is also all kinds of what we think they are arabic words when they are coptic. Example:

    Coptic Arabic Enlish
    Trapiza Tarapaza Table
    Efiom Elfaiyoum The see (or a city in Egypt)
    Logos logha Word or Language

    There are many more examples but I just can't type them all. You can also check out this site, they are AWSOME!

    Hope I helped
  • thanks you so much! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

  • Another great site to learn coptic is

    You can see the letter, and roll the mouse over it to hear Abouna Dawood's voice saying the letter.

    It has two versions, one in html and another in Flash.
  • how can you get to the coptic words i tried yesterday about 30min and i can't get it!! :'(
  • To sandrahanna and all who want to learn Coptic Language,

    Learn Coptic Language:

    1- Lessons from "Read & Pray" book:

    .. Each lesson consists of some sub lessons

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

    2- Video lessons by H.G. Bishop Dimetrious:Right click and choose "Save target as" to save, or left click to watch online

    This is the web site:
  • Here is some words

    nane tooi-good morning
    nani rohi-good evening
    pekran o?-wats ur name?
    paran pe:-my name is:
    pekreetee o?-how are you?
    nane shepehmot-fine thanks
    ete o?- what does it meaN?
    em pi kati - i didnt understand

    I ll do sum more later i have about 44 more
  • sry i ment 62
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