Gardian Angels

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In ccd (sunday school) we were talkin bout angels, then gardian angels came up. someone said we have 2...
one to protect us
second one to tell our sins to God
is this true or false, please explain
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  • i have only heard that there is an angel only to protect us and to watch over us!!!! i do not now about the other angel though!!!! if i find out answers i will let you know as soon as i can!!! i hope i helped and god bless!!! ;)
  • right now I'm reading Fr. Seraphim Rose's "The Soul After Death" (hence my many references to the after-life as of recent).....he says something about one angel assigned to guard and protect us....the other angel to help in carrying the soul upward to heaven when we die (with the help of the guardian angel)
  • really? kool coz we had a topic bout angels and we were told that we only had 1 guardian angel that looks after us, takes our prayers to heaven etc.
    i dunt no if im rong plz correct me thnx umm. mazza were u there on that night?

    GB ALL
  • i think i was. i was told we only had one gurdian angel
  • i dont think there is an angel to take our sins.
  • what do you mean an angel to take our sins Coptic101 ??? if you can please explain!!! thanks and god bless your heart!!! :)
  • Well, I have asked a bishop before about that issue and he answered that we had only one angel , and the other one is from the devil. I think that is the most accurate information I have got.

    I hope that helps
  • what do you mean that the angel is from the devil??? that is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
  • I just meant that it is there to make us fall into sin snd stop us from God
  • ;D LOL you guys are making me laugh so hard, you remind me of cartoon shows. When a person has a choice to make and a little angel appears on the right side and a little devil on the left side and they both try to convince the person with their stance. As amusing as that idea sounds that’s really not an accurate interpretation of angels. Yes, we are always struggling and we have a pull constantly with the right and wrong decision but that’s where prayer comes in. When we pray we triumph over the bad thoughts and choices, and we are overpowered with the Holy Spirit that fills us with Gods grace.

    The idea of the guarding angel arose from all these points:

    It is not necessary that every individual needs an angel to guard him. A single angel is able to guard a whole city. And it is possible that God charges an angel to guard a certain person. When the patriarch Jacob wanted to bless the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Menasse, he remembered the angel who accompanied him and guarded him, and said: "The Angel who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads" (Gen. 48:16).

    During the confirmation of a child (or whatever age a person gets baptized) the priest mentions the “Blessing of the Angels” which signifies their care, watchfulness, assistance and intercession for the baptized person, and how they accompany us and keep us from all evil. Here we are assured of the idea of a guardian angel. As the ruler of devils appoints a demon for every born child in order to delude and seduce them, so too does the Lord appoint every person after Baptism and anointment by the Myron, an angel to watch, accompany, care and keep them. The existence of guardian angels are clearly mentioned in the Lord’s words (Matthew 18:10 and Acts 12:15).

    Hope that helps a little

    In His Name
  • basketball i meant to say tell our sins not take them
  • i have only heard about the guardian not the one who tells our sins to God, God already watches over us to see if we are making a wise choice, marina I think that the kid in your class might have over exgerated a bit because no one here has heard of the angel who tells God the sins but there is a guardian angel protecting you
  • okay i understand now thanks anyways!!!!!!! god bless your heart!!!!! :D
  • wow so everyone have an angle i am to slow i just get it now!!
  • We have, as far as I know and can tell from a theological point of view, only ONE guardian angel. This angel is a spiritual "friend" and "guard" who deserves our love and thanks.

    There is no angel going to God and inform Him of our sins. God has no such need, being God and all that. ;)

    IC XC

  • God has no need of angels to guard us either, but He has chosen to utilize such instruments anyway.
  • Very true!

    But still,.. I am unaware of Scriptural or Traditional data about an accusing angel as well as a guardian angel.

    IC XC

  • It depends on if you mean good angel or "bad angel" (i.e. demon). If the former, then yes, there is no Scriptural or Traditional evidence that such accusing angels exist. If the latter, then I'll have to disagree.....'lessin' of course Fr. Seraphim Rose is a deceiver.
  • um... ive only heard that there is a thing as someone to watch ius
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