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My question is: Have you ever had a miracle happened to you when you sick, praying for someone that is very ill, or someone having a heart attack or asthma attack?

Well, this is why!

When I was little I used to be very ill every summer!
Well, one day I became very ill, and it got worse and worse for 3 days I was praying the lord and my intercessioner Pope Kyrillos and Mari Mina, and the VIRGIN MARY, but I got paralyzed for 2 days I could not move I would have some1 take me to anywhere in the house even if it was 2 centimeters away I would have to push on anything to make me move and I could not see anyone as there regular size I would see them as skinny people and I had a fever and I was very sick and then on the 3rd day at night my mom was next to me and it was night time so my mom was tired and so was I, my mom saw somebody like a shadow coming into the room he was very tall and had a stick and his priest hat and he came into my bedroom put his hand on my forhead and the next day I was healed and we asked my dad if it was him but it wasn't and guess who it was POPE KYRILLOS, I would never ever forget that miracle!

*In the prayers of all the saints, martyrs, virgin Mary and The Lord Christ be with us, AMEN!*

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  • i have had a miracle with abouna thomas el saeh i don't know if you know him:i was coming to the united states for the third time and our suite cases were to heavy and we have to go and buy some more suite cases and my mom don't know anything in newyork and i kept on praying and praying to abouna thomas and then i found a short lady and she used to go to our church in egypt and she took us to the stores and we bought some suite cases and we actually misses the plane but she told us you don't have to pay another tickets and we went to florida with abouna thomas protection! :D

    god bless you!
  • i do not think i have had a miracle happened to me before. if god willing, when a miracle happens to me i want it to be my favorite saint and mother of god st.mary!! i love st.mary soooooooooooooooooooo much!!! god bless your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • i think every day we have a miracle"when ever you are in trouble and god help you this is a miracle"

    see you tommorow!
  • Hey. i've posted this before...but whenever i get a chance i like to share this storrry --> Glory be to God!

    I had like...5405050401210464560 miracles happen in my family with God's grace. But most significant would have to be my sisters existence ...even tho i hate to admit it :P...hehe she was a miracle! :)

    Well, when my parents got married they were trying to have kids for a while, and my mom never got pregnant. At this time St. Mary was appearing in baba doblo in egypt during Easter, So my mom decided to go and pray and ask for a child. My mom was among the MANY (Christians, muslims) that got to see her ..The way she describes it is AMAZING! She says "She was like a pilllar of light with doves flying around her crown". This was on April 17, then EXACTLY nine month later my sister was born....her birthday is on January 17 (u do the math! :D)!
  • well i don't remember anything happening to me. but my mom's dad was a big smoker, and she said that one day she prayed using pope kyrolos as her intersescer (sorry about the spelling) hoping that her father would stop smoking. she said that 2 weeks later he had stopped smoking completely.

    God Bless
  • we'll i've never witnessed a miracle... That's ok

    "many prophets and righteous men have desired to see the things which you see and have not seen them and to hear what you hear and have not heard them. But blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for they hear."
  • lol you have alot of miracles Maryann23....wow :o
  • wow you do have alot of miracles Maryann23. can you tell us ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of them!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
  • thats stupid mary!!!!! ::)
  • i saw the virgin during the apparations in Assiut in 2000-2001,
    and a couple of years ago when we were at the st Anthony monastery in Germany, we were praying the Vespers as usual. It was during the Virgin's fast. Suddenly people felt a weird wind coming from behind, and then a stane of incense appeared on the mangaleya (where the gospel and epistles etc are read). The stane had the form of the face of St Mary. :D
  • heeey
    another miracle happened recently in my family, in Egypt. My cousin (who has two young children) was a VERRRY heavy smoker, and all his arteries at this point were clogged. The doctors (who were muslim) told him he was going to die. This news is realllllly scary (especially for his wife; a woman living with two young children in EGYPT, with no man). Anywyas, he started prayyyyingg and complaining to God saying it was unfair, he concluded his prayer asking for the intercessions of Pope Kirollos. Then, the night before his surgery he was sleeping and he saw pope kirollos in a dream. And the pope asked him "why r u doing this to ur body; the alter of God"...and he left a crosss on the table next to him. The next morning when he woke up the doctors were running a quick check upp prior to the surgery, and they were completely amazed because all the arteries were completely cleared. It was definetly a miracccle! and indeed the pope left him a crosss! :D He stillll has it :).... when i go to egypt, ill see it insha'allah
  • Two yrs ago, at church it was raining throughout all good friday. We sang Golgotha and at the first word, the rain stopped. The moment golgotha ended, the rain started again it was so cool

    i dont know if this counts as a miracle but again, it was cool but also weird
  • wow these are great mircles!!!!! :D
  • hey everyone.. GREAT MIRACLES
    well i rem we had this topic before.. soo ill just go ahead and tell u my miracle again...
    okay here it goes.....

    when i was about 5 or 6 yrs old... my parents found out i had cancer in my right leg. Ofcaurse my mom went crazy, they took me to daer st. mina in egypt, and had some abounas pray over me and put on me oil and all that. they took me back to the hospital to do a surgery and if they had found out that it is 100% real cancer which the doctor was 99% sure it was, MY RIGHT LEG WOULD OF BEEN CUT OFF!!!!! so the cancer wouldn't go up to my lungs and kill me (something like that).
    so the night before the surgery, ST. ABANOUB and angel michael appeared to me in a dream, the background was black, ST.ABANOUB was wearing all white and had a brown big cross around his neck, he was like far away coming toward me, and right beside him was angel michael who was dressed up like a soldier(don't know why) and he had 2 huge wings ( they were really beautifull) i would never forget how they looked like, ABSOLUTELY AWSOME!!
    st.Abanoub came up to me and said with the most lovely smile i've ever seen "mat7'afeesh ya youstina, enty hatbky kewayesa" (translation:"Don't be scared youstina, you will be fine.") he got out oil from his pocket and put some on my leg. i felt soo happy and looked up to angel michael, and he was just smiling to me :-)....... and that was it!
    i woke up, told my sister about the dream, she told my parents. my mom was extermely happy and knew that everything would be fine. she told dad lets not do the surgery for her and put the money in dae st.mina. but my dad worrying about me did not agree and said noo we still have to make sure she is fine and all that. i did the surgery, they cut open my leg from the front, under my knee and down ( not all the way) so they could get a peace of bone, they sew my leg back. my dad asked the doctor to send this bone to 2 diffrent examing places just to be sure of the results. after examing (testing) this bone of mine, the doctor surprisely found out there was nothing wrong with it ( from both of the results) . he told my dad "if u haven't asked me to send this to 2 diffrent examing places, i would of cut open ur daughter's leg again, got another bone, send it to a diffrent pace! because this is by no means a MIRACLE!"

    the mark of the cutting still shows in my leg till now, it has been about 11 years, but im very happy its there ( it will be there for the rest of my life) which im glad it will be, because everytime i look at it, i rem. how God has blessed me and i THANK him and st. abanoub million times. because without them i would be walking with ONE LEG!

    i hope this was not boring for you! and im really glad i had the chance to tell my story for the second time on this site

    sorry if that was too long for yall .. :-)

    **Smile- God Loves You**
  • :o :o woaaah! thats amazzzzzzinnnnnggg!!
    Glory Be To God! :D
  • oh my god how would you say it is boring that was the best miracle i read before it is really amazing!!

    pray for me!
  • wow that was an awesome mircle!!!!! may god bless us and be with us all!!!! :D
  • May God Bless ALL Legs lol
  • hey you guys .. THANK YOU SO MUCH for ur awsome comments ;)
    and YEA my leg is absolutely GREAT since then... really sometimes i fell on it or hit it .. and amazing how nothing ever happend to it and iam POSITIVE that nothing bad is ever gonna happend to it.. i mean ST.ABANOUB PUT OIL ON IT .... what else do i want.. right :)

    God Bless .. u guys are GREAT ;D

    ~Smile :) God Loves You~

  • may god be with you i am really amazed from your mircle!!!!! :D
  • my FOC always say"miracles are great gift from god"i love that comment!!

    pray for me!
  • GREAT MIRACLES by everyone I hope you get great miracles recieved by other saints and not including everyday miracles, but God be with all!
  • yes may god be with you all!!!! please pray for me... :D
  • hey i have an idea how about you stop those comments and say something usefull!!
  • hay i have an idea as well how bout u stop those comments and say something useful as well
  • i don't know if this would count as a miracle, but here I go.

    I have a 3 yr old brother. He was born on September 11, 2001. On Sept. 10, my mom went for her weekly checkup at the hospital clinic. She was fine, felt no pain or labor at all, yet the doctor told her she was going to give birth. Even when she went up to the birth/labor section of the hospital, the nurse wouldn't believe my mom was actually supposed to give birth that day. My mom, acting on instinct, called my dad from work (who worked at the twin towers) to come to the hospital. My mom gave birth around 12:30 that night. Although my mom says she went through hell that day (the doctor gave her something artificial because she wasn't due yet), my dad was saved from what happened that day.

    Sorry for boring you, but I think you guys will like this.
  • ya.. my sister fell wen she was little and her liver ripped i think or kidney but iwas like 5 or 6 months old and she was supposed to die and Baba Kyrolos (dont no how to spell) saved her
  • Hey guys,
    To me everyday is a miracle (although this year alone I have had like 5 miracles already!). Lets start by everyday routine...driving from place to place....There were sooo many times that I could have gotten into serious wrecks but thank God that I havent gotten in any wrecks!

    March was a month of miracles for me...
    My mom had been out of work for about 9 months and then the day of Pope Kyrolos's commeration this lady calls her and tells her we need you to come and work for us. Then 3 weeks later she got 2 different offers (better positions).
    In February I was doing a rotation (internship...practice) at a hospital and towards the end of the month I was worried that my preceptor (teacher) would fail me and that night I tossed and turned ALL NIGH saying ya baba kyrolos, ya abu seifeen, ya mari gegis. Then all of a sudden I saw a picture of abu seifeen and then an out line of Mari Gergis all light up and then ofcourse bab kyrolos came flying at me. The next day I turned in my assignment and she told me that I had one chance to prove to her that I can make it on my own as a pharmacist....and I was soo upset because I had seen these great saints and then she tells me that...it made me feel that she had her mind made up (that no matter what she was gonna fail me). Any way the weekend came and then on Monday (the last day) she gave me my evaluation and guess what??? She failed me! When I looked at my evaluation it was exactly the same as my midpoint evaluation but what made the difference was my timeliness and dependebility (which I was always on time). Any way the whole week my parents and I went to the assistant dean and people ahead of her and then the last day we met with them the guy that is ahead of her told us to go up stairs where his office is to wait until he reaches a descion...so we did. While we were up there we were praying and calling all the saints to help out with this problem (that in my opinion should have never happened) and then he called us down and told us that they have given my the points that I was lacking because it should not have been detucted! So I passed. With the intersecions of St. Mary, St. Abanoub, Pope Kyrolos, Abu Sefeen, and Mari Gergis.

    ***Sorry for the long message!
  • wow!!!! that was really cool!! god be with you!!! lol
    basketball :D
  • that was a really good one!does anyone have any websites for miracles??
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