is it wrong when you say the holy week staff in original days?

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is this wrong when you say for example GOLGOTHA or ke iperto in the original days?


  • i dont think so but its not promoted by churhc. I no that one of my frends was singin Thok te ti Gom in normal days and the teacher went crazy and yelled. I dont think its rong but its not promoted..
  • i know the same thing happened to me that is why i am asking!but if you are just saying it to memoriz it!i usually do this!so that mean that my whole life is wrong
  • what do you mean by 'original days?' mean just on normal yearly days?...

    I dont think its wrong just to sing 'thok te ti gom' or golgotha?? why would it be wrong...? when abouna abolves the congregation to leave the church ...he says 'thok te ti gom' TO you is the power the golry and honour!...but its different if you say it during communion or something, then you shouldnt say it becuase the church has different responses for different seasons of the year.

    Just to sing it during the year as a personal hymn while for eg your walking on the street, there is nothing wrong with that ?? is there? i wish we would always say "To you is the power the golry and honour!..."

  • thank you so much that helped alot!
  • thnx shnoods and marmar :) lol that helped coz i to got screamed at bcoz i was humming it and their full lyk no u cant do that and had a full spaz attak and im lyk woa chillax u no and ppl say that u shood only say it in passion week so then u can actually feel that u r giving God glory as its the most important feast u no yar thnx for clearing it up but :) lol u guys rok :D

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  • Some of the nicest Hymns are sung on passion week...alot of the time people don't like other people singing it because it has its own baeuty just during the time of passion week.

    But personally i feel that what hymns are for, basically one of the things hymns are used is to remember Psalms or spiritual stories. So when you are singing them, your reciting a Psalm and that is a good thing in churches eyes.

    Even when they had HH Pope Kyrollos under anasthetic he was singing the tasbeha. Was that the right time to sing tasbeha??? NOOO!!!!...but because it was subcontiously in his head i soo wanna be like dat anyway..

    Frog I do it all the time and even my parents get anoyed but i still do it coz "with every breath that i take, I will praise his Holy name"!!..(from tasbeha sun psalia).

    catch ya lata aligator !
  • but abouna him self said to me it is wrong because i was teaching it to little kids at the camp and he kept yealing at me crazy!!!
  • well i do not know exactly but i do not think that is wrong. i mean if you do sing it what will happen???? i hope i helped sandra!!! ;D
  • not really!!!!!!!!!!! :-\
  • lol ok kool thnx for that marmar that helped and thnx for sharing ideas every1 :) lol but i got scremed at wen i was huming it in the gr8 lent lyk 1 week b4 passion week o well ma3lesh thnc guys :)

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  • what if you are like trying to learn the psalm so you can say it in holy week is that haram
  • I support the idea that it isn't wrong, when you say a hymn, you look at the words and try combining them with your own feelings and giving them to God. However, the chruch is trying to teach us that you as a human need a lot of things in different times. For instance, you need the cross, resurrection, happiness for God's salvation as well as sadness because of our sin. So therefore as the sons and daughters of the church we should interact with that and live through it by saying the hymns and teaching them in the right time.
    I hope that helps a little bit
  • that was really good and thanka by the way!!but there is something that is still confussing that how can i give my feelings??i don't get it!!!thank you!! ;D
  • that is a good question sandra..... i mean if you like to say it a lot then it shows that you enjoy it and i guess this will be your feelings!!!!! i hope i will not confuse!!! god bless all!!!!
    mary :D
  • There is nothing wrong with saying a hymn out of season as long as it is not during a church service. As far as teaching goes, the same applies. Take the cantors for instance who do not adjust their curriculum based on the seasons of the church.
  • this wrong when you say for example GOLGOTHA or ke iperto in the original days?

    Ke ‘eperto

    We beseech our Lord and God, that we may be worth to hear the Holy Gospel. In wisdom, let us listen to the Holy Gospel.

    Thok ta ti goam

    Thine is the power, the glory, the blessing, and the majesty, forever Amen. Emmanuel our God and our King. Thine is the power, the glory, the blessing, and the majesty, forever Amen. O my Lord Jesus Christ. My good Savior The Lord is my strength, my praise, and has become my holy salvation Thine is the power, the glory, the blessing, and the majesty, forever Amen.

    The right thief’s confession



    Golgotha in Hebrew, kranion in Greek, the place where Thou wert crucified, O Lord. Thou stretched out Thine hands, and crucified two thieves with Thee; one on Thy right side, the other on Thy left, and Thou, O good saviour, in the midest.
    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
    The right-hand thief cried out saying: Remember me, O my Lord, remember me, O my saviour, remember me, O my King, when I come into Thy Kingdom. The Lord answered him in a lowly voice saying: This day you will be with Me in Paradise.
    Both now, and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
    The righteous Joseph and Nicodemus came took away the Body of Christ, wound it in linen cloths with the spices, and put it in a spulchre and praised Him saying: "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, who was crucified for us, have mercy on us."
    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
    We also worship him saying: "Have mercy on us, O God our Saviour, who was crucified on the cross, destroy Satan under our feet, save us and have mercy on us."
    Save us and have mercy on us. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord bless us. Amen. Give the blessing; I prostrate, forgive me, give the blessing.

    Sorry I added a few extras… gholghotha talks about the death of my dear lord… great hymn to remember the death of my lord, while I am praying… ke ‘eperto… it has nothing to do with holy week… just the sad tune… to introduce the gospel… and sad tune is also for the psalm… to have the feeling….
    And some that I added… is thok ta ti goam… I reciet it eveytime I pray… and the right-hand theif’s confession… I also recite in my prayers… because the words of these hymns are amazing… so nothing wrong with saying it… just as mentioned before do not do it during the service in the church… but you do whatever you need to do… to get a closer relationship with God…
  • but there is also a big different between saying them to memorize them and saying them because you are sad for the right time they are suppose to be said!and those are great comments!! :D
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