Hello, ana andie soual!



  • Hello Nansy, and hello everyone!
    Wow, what a powerfull and proud Egyptian youth you people are! i'm am really amazed.
    Me, i am an Ethiopian Orthodox. And if you know we recieved the religion from the Egyptian Coptic church in the 4th century or 5th (i forgot).
    I wish that the ethiopian youth community is strong like your community.
    I will be asking you all some questions in the future, if you guys do not mind.
    oh, by the way, i am 16 -- will be 17 on July 24-- and i live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. i came to America in 2000.
  • O, i forgot to mention that i will probably be a pharmacist, like most of the egyptian community ;D
  • hi iam peter from egypt
    h was born in cairo iam a orthodox iam a diacon in sait rafaeel church in maadi i d like to talk to u

  • Welcome peter...enjoy the site. :)
  • well my name is michael nd im from melbourne, Australia. Im 19 yrs old goin on 20 dis yr nd my fav saint or intercessor is pope kyrollos. soccer is normally wat i like playin nd i love bio... :Pkiddin. nyways have fun nd let me no if u need nything
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