please help....

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there is a section on this site
called lessons
there is two lessons i think
one for tenthino and the other the first hose
i try them many times but it doesn't work
so i'm wondering on which program these lessons works
and how it work
and why doesn't work when i click on it
doesn't response to me
guys i really need this really badly
please help


  • Christ_lover,
    The lessons are in Flash. You need to have Flash installed on your computer for it to work. Below is a link to download it from the companies Official website.

    Should you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
  • i went to the website that you gave me
    but it has a lot of them and i didn't which one of them
    can you help me get the website with downloading right way so i can just download and that it.
    i try it download it but it didn't work out
  • if you search for Cantor Gad Lewis, you'll find a lot of lessons for other hymns
  • Christ Lover,

    You need to know what version of OS is running, if you have windows 98/ME/2000/XP Then Select the Installer under that catagory. If you have Mac OS, then select the installer under that catagory, etc... I don't know what kind of OS you have.
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