Terry Schiavo

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hey guys
watsup i was just wondering what everyones thoughts are about terry schiavo and how they removed the feeding tube i think it was wrong and her husband should have passed on her custody to her parents if he did not want to carry that cross anymore what do you guys think ??



  • i think its right that they removed it because she isn't living by God's means anymore, she's living by artificial means. She's already braindead and when someone is braindead, they can never get that back. She will never have a decent life. Her soul isn't even in her anymore. As of now its just a body with a heart thats beating. Nobody wants to keep her alive for the sake of religious morals or carrying the cross or doing the right thing. Her family wants to keep her alive because they dont' want to have to mourn for her, which isn't normal. They have to get through this part of their lives and move on. and the other conservatives who want her alive are doing it because its turned into a political battle. Do you think she would've wanted to be in the midst of this nonesense? Her husband has custody over her, period. She's not a minor where in that case her parents would have custody, but an adult. Thats what happens when you enter the bond of marriage. You can't just leave your parents and go back to them again. Don't you all want her to be with God? Why would we keep her on earth where she can't function and doesn't realize anything when she could be in heaven where she would be happier than all of us combined. Right now she's either completely unconcious with no brain activity whatsoever or there are random images she thinks shes having like hallucinations. Hallucinations aren't a good way to spend the rest of your life. If she's had them for 15 years shes probably scared and miserable. in England, when someone is declared braindead there is no debate and the tube is pulled right away. Of course england is lightyears ahead of us but thats a different story. We're being awfully cruel people by trying to keep her here. Open up your eyes. Would you want to be a vegetable or go to heaven? and BTW, the whole objective of being alive is sinning and then repenting and confessing for those sins. Terri will never be able to sin again and she'll never be able to repent or confess again. The 5 million dollars spent on keeping her heart beat could be used to feed hungry kids in africa or something.
  • Actually she is not brain dead... a female was in her case, and she was cured. But the husband refused therapy, which would’ve probably made her better... I feel very bad because she is starving to death... put yourself in her shoes... she by the way could think, and feel, and converse.
  • Socoolbishoy is correct, she is not brain dead. As a matter of fact Terri's sister in court records stated that in one incident Terri said "I want to live" in front of several other people. Something which the media conveniently hasn't been made aware of or just choose to ignore. I will try to get the link for the copy of the court records online.

    Secondly, the husband has been living with another woman with whom he has fathered out of wedlock 2 children. This same husband wants for Terri's body to be cremated after she dies.

    In America people will show more compassion for animals than for human beings. If an animal breaks its leg, it is given an injection or medication to put it to sleep so it can die. How is starving a human being who with therapy (which Terri's husband had denied her) can have her condition improve alittle bit dignified? yet for an animal an injection to kill it is the more compassionate thing to do?

    If the American system of law thinks that she is a vegetable with no way of coming back, then why don't they give her an injection instead of subjecting her family to this agonizing horror over a period of weeks of watching her body shrivel up and die? No one can answer me who I have asked this question.

    If starving a person is dignified, but, giving an animal an injection to kill it immediately is considered the "right" thing to do, more for the animal than a human being... and if anyone will say to me "You can't compare an animal to a human being" then the whole world has gone crazy and the point I am trying to make has completely been lost.

    Terri is not a PVS=Permanent Vegetative State... to be in this state you cannot have any brain activity or be able to talk and acknowledge the presence of other people.

    Finally, Terri is not being kept alive by artificial means... she simply has a feeding tube to give her nutrients. She is not on a respirator or machine to keep her alive.

    I will be praying for the Schindler family, Terri and all involved in this.

    God bless everyone

    ***Note: I am not for killing anyone... injection or otherwise... Just trying to make a point. Killing anyone is wrong. God open the eyes of all to this.
  • personally I dunt think it should have been removed. Because God will take her regardless of our will IN HIS OWN TIME. tube or no tube...the tube is just gonna make the wait for God's will much easier for her.
  • I think if u have the ability to save a human being by any mean...u should do it.

    what kind of life are they keeping her alive for...

    DOES THAT MEAN...PEOPLE who are sick and can't move or whatever should just go die or what?

    THEY CAN HELP HER LIVE HER LIFE...brain dead or not she has the right to live as any of us do have the right to live.

    They are not doing her a favor by removing her only ability to feed...I personally take that as they are murdering her....
  • she doesn't feel pain. the cerebellum of the brain is what can sense pain and that has completely deteriorated in her. if she felt herself starving i would be saying the same thing, that thats a harsh way to go. but she doesn't feel it.
  • Feeling pain, not feeling pain...she has the RIGHT to live....bc she is a human being just like any of us

  • That's tough because no one can tell you what God's will..what was on her family's part that would have been right is to pray that if God wants this precious life to remain then to show them..and if not..then take it on his own. That would be the right thing, but sometimes the right thing is hard to do in such situations when God seems afar..life is a GIFT..although some may hate it and whatnot, each day you live longer, you have a ANOTHER chance..chances are precious for entering heaven since we all fall so often. I really don't know because maybe it was God's will for that to happen..and then again, maybe it was a terrible mistake since God perhaps wanted her to live longer and perhaps cry out to him and if she previously left God, perhaps she would've repented in that extra moment that they would've let her live and gained eternal life..it really isn't so much our concern anway. God will deal with his own and we have no position to say they should've taken her life..yes, they are artificial means but artificial means are still technically from God..in that case, medicine is bad too. How many of have not taken medicine? Medicine is not so much "herbs" anymore. Let's be grateful for these artificial means which were granted to us for a reason. God bless.
  • yer i guess but come on if i wood her i wood tell em to kill me i wouldnt live like that isnt it haram
    wont u want to go see God COME ON thats a better gift but i woodnt let her live like that even if she cant feel it its haram she can just rest in peace and its dumb how they took the tube away as marianne sed its killing her

    GB ALL
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