y is church so important to christians

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how do u become higher than a newbie


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    how do u become higher than a newbie

    u keep postin!

    the church to us is important becoz it is our Mother ;)
  • u keep posting until u have over 50 posts thats when u become a Jr. Member when u have over 100 posts u become a full member..church is important becuz its God's house and God is important.
  • Church is everything..without it we wouldn't be able to take the precious body and blood..we wouldn't be able to get the blessing of the many church activities..we wouldn't have a place set apart from the world and to be with God..we wouldn't be able to basically do anything but pray in our own houses..
  • and another thing,

    people who dont go to church only have skool frends or wateva then they have nothing after skool then they become lost!
    for example, wen im at skool talkin to someone about wat happened at church or wateva the others sit listin and askk a hundred thing, they say , well i dont go to church ... and then they start thinking and at the end they end up in da strret!
    we are extremly luky to have our church and that the church keeps us safe.
    and as the pope says
    The Church Without Youth is a Church Without Future
    thats y kids wid no church have no future ;)

  • well I have a question... why is school important? if you say church is not important, which I didnt say you did, by the way. but if the church is not important in spirituality, then why is the school important in the world... relate it and you shall see.
  • FUnny..ever think about writing on a test...this test is not important??
  • I KNOW.. :D
  • The church is without a doubt our mother on earth, and the harbour for our salvation. It is the means by which we can communicate with our Creator in unity. One of God's characteristics is unity, and we can label unity under the term organization. And st. Paul teaches us "Let everything be done in order". We are also taught that "when when two or three gather in My Name together, I will be in their midest". Our mother and by mother I mean Church and by Church I mean harbour of salvation, we can lose oursleves in a sea of spiritual growth. However, Church should be utilized properely. Who are you going to meet? friends and God or God and friends? As christians we need the church to keep us on the track. Church is a boarding pass to heaven. and heaven is a one way ticket, getting halfway there means you didn't get there at all. Stay on the boat of salvation, the plane to eternity.
  • AMEN to all of use gr8 answers :) ;) :D ;D

    keep it up

  • The Chruch is the bride of Jesus. WE are the bride of Jesus. How? by communion. The communion is only offered at church, not over eBay or in a fast-food chain.

    Jesus said that hwoever takes His Body and Blood, He will recognize that person. But if a perso ndoesn't take any Body or Blood, Jesus won't recognize them.

    It's like a magnet; If you bring a peice of metal close to the magnet, the metal will stick ot it. But if you bring a peice of wood close to the magnet, nothing will happen. Now, plant a nail in the peice of wood and bring it near a magnet; the wood wil lstick to it.

    Jesus is the magnet, the wood is us, and the nail is Jesus' Body and Blood whic his taken by us.

    That's the mai nreason for church!

    God bless,
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    good stuff ;) :D

    Rabena ma3akom pplz
    pray 4 me
    us sista +FROG+
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