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what is the Difference between Deacon and SubDeacon? also what does oghnastos mean?(the second rank of a deacon) thanks for your help


  • what does oghnastos mean?

    oghnostos means reader
  • what is the Difference between Deacon and SubDeacon? also what does oghnastos mean?(the second rank of a deacon) thanks for your help

    A deacon or an ediacon is full deacon which can't be married and he could do every thing that the archdeacon can do if he's not there

    a subdeacon is a helper of the deacon he could get married but he can't get uped anymore.and he could do what ever the deacon could do if he is not there.

    i have my notes for the deacons duties but i don't have it right now.
    i'll post them as soon as i get them.
  • thats right....don't u have to work up to it like first its: singer,reader,sub deacon,arch. deacon somethin' like dat right?
  • singer,archsinger(mostly for the blind Mallemen, and its not used any more because you can't get uped),reader,sudeacon,deacon(full deacon),archdeacon.
  • We have an arch deacon at my church and he's married..well maybe he's not an archdeacon but he wears a black tonia (not abouna ;D)
  • I don't think ther is any archdeacons in Bayonne, NJ.
    and if there is, he can't be married.

    and a small change, instead of singer it should be chanter. so no one could get mixed with the worldly stuff like other singers
  • From what I remember correctly, Any rank of deaconship can be married, but they can't ýget re-married if his wife dies (like a priest) Also, if he gets ordained before getting ýmarried he can't get married. ý
    For example, A young man gets ordained a chanter (good point Mina chanter vs. singer) ýthen gets "promoted' to reader then gets married, he can be a sub-deacon, deacon or ýarchdeacon, but if his wife dies, he can not get remarried (like a priest) ý
    A sub-deacon and higher are dedicated servants, meaning they don't have other jobs, the ýchurch supports them like the priest. Full Deacons and Arch-deacons can help in ýcommunion (they can give out the Blood) if need be. They share a lot of responsibilities ýwith the priests however they can NOT take confession. ý
    A chanter or a reader can be "promoted" to a priest, a sub-deacon, deacon or arch deacon ýcan not become priests.ý
    Most of this info is available in a book called Dedaki (not sure of the spelling) I think it is ýtranslated in English but I am not 100% sure.ý
    Just my 2 cents as usual.ý
  • by the way deaconship is the third rank of clargy.

    and H.H said for a deacon or an arch to get married,they have to become chanters again.
  • coptic boy,
    a sub-deacon can have another job, deacons and archdeacons are the ones who are supported by the church.

    all ranks of deacons can be married, they just after attaining the rank of epideacon, cant be remarried.

    This is the best source for deacons rites i have found.

    Rules for Deacons and Archdeacons

    If he is unmarried before his ordination, he must remain unmarried afterwards.

    If he was married before his ordination, and his wife passed away after his ordination, he is not permitted to re-marry, just like in the case of the priest. Should he re-marry, he will lose his rank as Deacon.

    p.s. The man that serves in St. Abanoub & St. Antony in Bayonne, is an insturctor at the seminary in Egypt, therefore he wears black.
  • Does that make Ibraham Ayad an Arch-Deacon? There was a thread about this b4 and people said that they think he's not.
  • Mallem Ibrahim Ayad is a reader(oghnostos).
    someone told me he is an archchanterbut am not sure about thet
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