Whats your favorite hymn to sing?

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My top 5 are...

1. [coptic]aripsalin[/coptic]
2. Psalm 150 Kiahk style!
3. [coptic]Acpazete[/coptic] long
4. Almost all Nahda hymns!
5. [coptic]Gholghotha[/coptic]

What about you guys?!


  • I love Niesnosteero, the long one. I love that hymn. It was the first one that I learned, and it's the one that I will always remember, regardless.

  • mine are...

    1. rashi ne
    2. atai barthenos
    3. Alleluia (psalm 150_kiahk)

  • I love ALL hymns but I think these are my favaorites:
    1) Evlogymenos
    2) Tenousht (long one)
    3) Epouro (long)
    4) 4th Hoos (ismo e ipchoic)
    5) Aikoti

  • i like all the Hymns too...but i have favorites .depending on the seasons..

    in Lent:
    1) Apenchoise
    2) Share efnouti <- dont ask me why i just like its meaning
    3) Aiernovi (dox)

    Passion week:
    1) Ke eperto
    2) Fai etafenf, ti shori
    3) Golgotha

    1) all you heavenly hosts
    2) Ton sina
    3) tou litho

    1) Agioc otheos (AMEN ALLELUIA)
    2) Burning Bush
    3) Apaheet (my heart and my tongue)
    3) all 6 Kiahk Dox (i think there is 6)

    1) Tenthino
    2) 4th hoas
    3) shere maria (the long)
    4) Arepsalin

    1) Eparthenos

    Holy Mass:
    1) Pinishti
    2) Ounouf (rejoice o Mary)
    3) psalm 150 (at the end)
    4) Pioik

    Those are the ones i can remember.. i love the COC!!
    Shenouda. :) :) :)
  • [glow=red,2,300]I LOVE:[/glow]
    1) esmou epchois
    2) Maren-ou-ownh
    3) Khen owshowt
    4) Aikoti
    5) shere ne maria
  • 1: Ni ethnoc tiro (high five sleepy ;D)
    2: pek ethronos (basically all passion week hymns)
    3: The melodies hymn (saba3 tarayek; cause it has all the cool tunes from pi oik to khen o shot to maren ou onh lol)
    4: Hos Erof (yup, that's the reason for the name ;))
    5: Te oi in hikanos and Aven pi arshi erefs
  • my favorites are
    1. have mercy
    2. maren-oosht
    3. o kirios
    4. ekesmarot
    5. All of Ye Heavenly Hosts
    6. Ep Oro

    i could go on but that would take 4ever
  • My favorite is O kirios :D
  • OOOO YAAA I FORGOT I love the entire Gregroian Lt. anyone agree?
  • [quote author=Hos Erof link=board=1;threadid=1251;start=0#msg21129 date=1109176318]
    1: Ni ethnoc tiro (high five sleepy ;D)


  • i love all hymns but my most most favortie have to be:

    1. Shere ne Maria (long,)
    2.khen o shot
    3.esmo epchois

    1.Je nai nan(the best ever!!!)
    2.psalm 150 (kiakh)
    3.rejoice o mary

    and of course i love the gregorian liturgy. and i also like it when the priests at our church do liturgy of Cyril and gregory in one.. they did it the fist day of jonahs fast...it was so nice ;)
  • shere ne maria is my fav! lol dont laugh! but it is my fav!
  • I duno, sure there is prefrences...but the Coptic hymns are way to extravegante to choose 1 or 2 or even 5 from the multitudes of hymns our Mother has provided us with. But tthats just my opinion!!
  • You're right Pslamist, but there are some hymns, that to me, whenever I sing them, I get goosebumps all over my arms from singing them. Especially when the church sings Je Nai Nan all together as one during the mass, the goosebumps are uncontrolable, and it's an awesome feeling.

  • :o :o :o :o :o o my goodness thats incredible do u no y bcoz that happens to me as well my gosh man this is reely scary lol yes with the have mercy song wow we mite b sisters

  • When the congregation sing as one .......WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....ooooffff.....its the best...this is the unity in the church...i get goosebumps toooo...!!

    There are some deacons out there that are under the impression that their voices HAVE to be heard ABOVE everyone elses (i have to admitt that i have fallen into this).

    There are different ways that our church sing in the service

    Quadratic Method (Antiphona)
    That is when the chanters sit on both sides responding
    to each other with parts of chanting.

    According to history, this way was used by the
    Jewish who were baptised and became Christians
    when they came to Alexandria.

    A condition of this way is that the higher in rank or
    eldest in monasticism should stand at the northern
    chorus, also he is the one that should start the tune.

    Solo Method: Leadership (Tractus)

    This is when one person only chants, (in the old days
    it had to be the priest), while the rest listen only and
    do not share in chanting.

    Chorus Method

    This is when the chanter starts a quarter of the hymn and
    the congregation finishes it and so on:
    a) Usually, the congregation’s response is the same
    eg. the response of the Second Haus, or the
    response of Saturday and Sunday Epsaly “O My
    Lord Jesus Christ...”
    b) Or, the response might differ a little bit eg. the
    Third Haus has 2 different responses
    c) Or, the response might be one word only as in the
    Big Haus.

    The Whole Church Chanting Method

    Where everyone chants and only the leader deacon might
    play the cymbals to tune the praise process.
    Every Haus has its fixed tune to end with and it is no
    ones choice to choose how to end it.
    reference: Spirituallity of praise (by HG Bishop Mettauos

    I am a big advocate for the The Whole Church Chanting Method, i love this because it brings everyone in the church as one, "one faith, one baptism"

  • hay shnoods we mite b sisters as well lol jkz
    yep they think their voices gotta b heard wen its like they r waking up the dead from the hrashness of their voice man its nasty
    lol u lyk researching dont u lol
    very zealous this 1 wen it comes to church lol

    GB ALL
  • My favorate is

    1- Ezvate.
    6-Amen Esbater (the long one)

    And all the other hymns.
    god Bless all of us amen.
    1) all khiak stuff, especially the fourth hoos refrain
    2) the three hymns of the third hoos, as well as all tasbeha
    3) Aven pi arshi ervs
    4) Pavlos, Praxis, Catholicon, melismatic praxis response
    5) psalm 150 khiak style
    6) all pascha
    7) Theotokias
    8) ......I LOVE ALL HYMNS!!! ;D
  • I must say my two favorite:
    Evolhiten the long way in tasbeha
    Singari long psalm
    Both are beautiful
    I also like Cantor Faheem's Kata for the Gregorian Liturgy ( the part that he takes from the long Pauline makes it sound pretty good)
  • I love all the Hymns but here are some of my favorites: Psalm 150 for lent, Golgotha, Pekethronos, ethvetee anastasis (pascha), Apetjeek, Epouro, and so many more just those to name a few
  • lipon the long way
  • I love the long Epraxion Ton, and Pi-ebnevma, these 2 are my favourties ever
  • my favorites are:

    1. Psalm 150 (Palm Sunday)
    2. Fai Etaf Enf
    3. Oukaty Kasees
    4. Psali for the Resurrecton
    5. Semoti
  • The best hymns are

    ya kol al soofoof
    4 nakhoos in resurrection.

    theres too many to name
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