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Why doesn't the church pray over the people who commit suicide?


  • Because its an unforgivable sin! taking your own life i am pretty sure that is an unforgiveable sin, and whoeveer commits suicide goes to hell, but i could be wrong.

  • God gave each of us a life to live. It is a gift and not a privilege. If killing someone other than one's self is wrong, than killing your own self is also wrong because it is a gift from God, to be cherished and not destroyed by one's own will when something goes wrong.

    I think we should pray for their family and friends and hope 4 the best.
  • Yes they do go to hell because its something they can't take back. The worst sin is losing hope.
  • Justa outta curiosity is it really our place to say they go to hell or not? do we really know...
  • i was hesitent to put it there but i really couldnt word it any other way, i think i'll ask abouna.

  • what does the comandment say? "You shall not murder. (Exodus 20:13) remember the Lord forgives all, but for the person that does that, how could he/she be forgiven... but I am not the Judge, thus I cant say anything about it. but that is my meditation about it.
  • Every Sin will be forgiven to mankind. Assuming they repent and confess. 2 sins ýhowever will NOT be forgiven, Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit (Basically denying ýthe work of the Holy spirit in our lives) and Suicide. You can't repent when you are dead. ýý(we say that in the prayer of the 12th hour (But repent, O my soul, so long as you dwell ýon this earth, for inside the grave, dust does not praise. And among the dead, no one ýremembers, neither in Hades, does anyone give thanks.) We can say that the second sin ýstems from the first (denying the work of the Holy spirit in our lives.ý
    Just my 2 cents as usualý
  • very good 2 cents!
  • I would just like to clarify the post from Coptic Boy. You might have slightly misunderstood this verse. I believe you are talking about:

    Matthew 12:32 "Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come"

    This is a difficult verse to understand, and I myself needed clarification on it. Speaking against the Holy Spirit is the same thing as giving up on the Holy Spirit. So when a person commits suicide it is him giving up on the Holy Spirit and that would be "speaking against the Holy Spirit". There is only one unforgivable sin and that would committing suicide or as in the verse above "Speaking against the Holy Spirit"

    Please keep me in your prayers,
  • so if someone says the Holy Spirit is bad or something, then it can be forgiven him? not that i am
  • Good point... because God said if you repent you will be forgiven.
  • That's a very simple way of putting it, Nazbert Nazonian, but yes. If you someone says the Holy Spirit is bad or says something bad about the Holy Spirit it will be forgiven IF he is truly sorry and he repents. God is very merciful, he forgives all sins as long as you repent and you are truly sorry in your heart. God is also a fair God, he can't forgive you the sins in which you did not repent, and after you have killed yourself you obviously can't repent it. I hope this is clears everything up! I apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication on my behalf.

    Please always keep me in your prayers,
  • [quote author=Coptic boy link=board=4;threadid=1244;start=0#msg21038 date=1109021226]
    . 2 sins ýhowever will NOT be forgiven, Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit (Basically denying ýthe work of the Holy spirit in our lives) and Suicide. You can't repent when you are dead. ýýý

    Hypothetically, what if the method the person chose takes a long time to work, and they are conscious for some time after, but can't move to call an ambulance?

    Then, if they change their mind, they have time to repent, though are unable to undo.

    All sorts of weird stuff happens in the world, so even though I don't know of a case like this, I think it's plausible.

  • i know what everyone means...but like do we really know?? God judges the heart and He prolly judges according to each case... not like a scale..if u have 51 good works n 50 bad then ur good outweigh the bad okay great HEAVEN.. know what i mean... i know biblically wat it says.... but a) do we raelly know and b) is it our place to say they goin to hell....?????

    thanx guys :)
  • Actually the church knows that they will go to hell because just as Judas Iscariot is not with Christ, neither will they be. Suicide is not an easy thing.. Who are we to choose when our end is? Is it our life? So right there, it's murdere AND theft. The person who committed suicide lost hope in ALL things including God so is he or she WORTHY to be with God? God forgives, however, the person who commited suicide did not ask for forgiveness. That person would have died in their sin and after that, how are they going to ask for forgiveness? It's all over once your end comes.. "For, inside the grave dust does not praise and among the dead, no one remembers, and in Hades no one gives thanks" -Compline prayer Copt4life, Once you give up on God, God gives up on matter how much good you did and how wonderful you were..If you want to be with God, you must REMAIN on the narrow road and continue on it, not leave when you get sick of it.. it's all over once you leave..The person who killed themself had no intention of Christ helping them so they thought it better to help themselves. dg, remember that if you really had intentions of repenting that last minute and you were unable to confess and it was in God's will, he will find a way so that you are able to.. God bless.
  • Hi all, actually, regarding suicide, there are many factors that go into who is prayed on and who isint. In the case of mental illness, the church makes exceptions. However in the case of extreme drug abuse or escape from reality, the church does not allow the prayer in a church, however the prayer at a cemetery is allowed.
  • any person that commits suicide, is menally ill....
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