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WAT:| sum gurl told me that jesus got married to mary magdeline and had kids, and sumthin bout it was all over the news and apparently the catholic pope fainted:|???????? HELP



  • i heard that 2 on the news, some guy wrote a book about it, but none of it is true.
  • can u splain , iun tink dats a good nuf answer for hur
  • if i'm not mistaking the id comes from the Gospel Of mary of Magdalene, which is a book that is false, and is not counted with the books of the bible, that's all i need to know about it; it's not true :)
  • tell her SHE NEEDS TO CHECK HER SOURCES...and thats not even a question to dignify with an answer....from the beginning of time people have been sayin bull (excuse ma language) ...people needta bak up their claims....and ohhh big deal saw it on the newssss...its called publicity..anyone with $$$$$ gets time...common lol THE MEDIA...gimma a break....trust me brother this isnt even a claim worth answering...This network is for heavenly things

    Its like when the Church of England invited Pope Shenouda to a conference & wanted to discuss having "female priests" (oxymoron ...I KNOW) He told them that in a council of priests bishops & the Pope they do not discuss or "vote on" things that the Lord has already decided on...

    and when they proceeded to ask Him about discussiong homosexuality He answered them saying "It is evil and it is sin...We do not discuss evil & we do not discuss sin!" & that was that...!!

    These claims are blasphemous and will never be able to be backed up beyond a shadow of doubt..so why waste our time on the earthly...sada2neeee its not worth ur time...like we wanna answer & educate people but what God has already said in His book we dare not even discuss and debate ..its not even our place just assure her that that is by no means Biblical & if shes not convined of the Bible then yea thats a whole other issue altogether...

    hope i helped...excuse my outrage if it shown thru my message
  • i think it came from a book called "da Vinci's Code." they did a special of it on the history channel, and it really made me mad while i was watching it. and many people are going to believe this happened because of the recognition it is getting. it was also saying how st. john the beloved in da vinci's "last supper" could really be mary magdalene.
  • but isnt the book to be fiction....i have that book....but i havent read it yet....i new it was about a missing gospel that was found...but the story wasnt meant to be true
  • yea, the news special was called breaking da vinci's code. they think da vinci was one of the few people who knew about this so-called secret and left clues all around europe. its such a crazy idea that Jesus was married, but it is sad because more and more people are believing it.
  • Whats their method of distinguishing which books of the bible are true and which are false?
  • [quote author=cremedelescremes link=board=1;threadid=981;start=0#msg17126 date=1104716510]
    Whats their method of distinguishing which books of the bible are true and which are false?

    There is only one method. The Holy Spirit and apostolic tradition. All these ridiculous conspiracy theories about "lost books" etc is absolute rubbish. This world is being corrupted by so much heresy, we as Orthodox need to stay faithful to the absolute TRUTH we received from the apostles of Christ.

    The Test of New Testament Canon:

    The basic factor for determining New Testament canonicty was inspiration by God, and its chief test, apostolicity: “...It seems...that it is apostolic authority, or apostolic approval, that was the primary test for canonicity, and not merely apostolic authorship.� 32/181

    Geisler and Nix amplify this point: “In New Tesament terminology, the church was 'built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets' (Ephesians 2:20) whom Christ had promised to guide into 'all the truth' (John 16:13) by the Holy Spirit. The church at Jerusalem was said to have continued in the 'apostles' teaching and fellowship (Acts 2:42). The term 'apostolic' as used for the test of canonicity does not necessarily mean 'apostolic authorship', or 'that which was prepared under the direction of the apostles...' 32/181

    N.B. Stonehouse notes that the apostolic authority “which speaks forth in the New Testament is never detached from the authority of the Lord. In the epistles there is consistent recognisition that in the church there is only one absolute authority, the authority of the Lord Himself. Wherever the apostles speak with authority, they do so as excercising the Lord's authority. Thus, for example, where Paul defends his authority as an apostle, he bases his claim solely and directly upon his commiosion by the Lord (Gal. 1 and 2); where he assumes the right to regulate the life of the church, he claims for his word the Lord's authority, even when no direct word of the Lord has been handed down (1 Cor. 14:37; cf. 1 Cor. 7:10)...� 88/117-118

    “The only one who speaks in the New Testament with an authority that is underived and self-authenticating is the Lord.� 67/18
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The True God. Amen [/glow]

    First of all: Happy New Year to all my Tasbeha Family! I hope everyone has a healthy and peaceful New Year.

    Dan Brown's novel, "The Da Vinci Code", has a created a whole new field of popular literature which mixes misinformation, conspiracy, some romance with neo-gnostic (the ancient rivals of Apostolic Chrisitanity) beliefs. This creates doubt and scandal which sells novels. Director Ron Howard is making the movie version as we speak. Fortunately, there are many Christian books written debunking "The DaVinci Code" and these you can find in any Barnes and Nobles or Borders Book stores or even Walmart. The Protestant books are surprisingly fair in the most part when sharing about Constantine and the early Ecumenical Councils. The catholic versions are obviously much closer to the Orthodox positions. You can also find them on Amazon.com....just type in Dan Brown or DaVinci Code, and it will show all toehr related books.

    Let me share what i wrote on a previous thread concerning this topic:

    There's a great trend of neo- gnosticism popping up these days. Many people today are very ignorant of Church history and very distrustful of Objective Truth that everything seems to them to be a conspiricy! Many people either havet read the bible enuff or havent read it at all or havent been grounded in Christ too separate the wheat from the chaff. The gnostics were the old rivals of the early Christian Church . They were the ones who wrote these false "gospels" like the "Gospel of Thomas" and the "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" and hundreds of others. They had to give their works Apostolic names to give them credence and authority.

    The Gnostics were different churches who disagreed with the Apostles, claiming to have "secret knowledge" That Our Lord Jesus passed down only to them and not to the Holy Apostles! Meanwhile if we read the book of Acts we see the Apostles preaching publicly the Good News. The Gnostics claimed matter was evil and the spirit alone was good. Thus the spirit had to be liberated from the body. Well, this created some very immoral behaviours on their part since the body was insignificant acoording to them ( its matter right?). The Holy Apostles lived chastely and preached that God became man because He so loved the world (John 3:16...my paraphrase). They aslo said there were 2 gods: the Old testament God who was an angry God and the New testament God who was the God of Love. The Holy Apostles taught there was ONE God in Three Persons ( Holy Trinity).

    Since there's great spiritual starvation in today's world people pick up anything that seem like a novelty. The Orthodox Gospel is a cliche to them, overdone....and badly represented by hypocrites and pedophiles. The devil is having a field day here but we must trust in Rabena!!! The davinci code is a neo gnostic work of fiction with many historical distortions. One author called it "faction"...lol!

    The late, great Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Anthony Bloom once wrote that Christians have 3rd dimensional vision (faith) while everyone else has 2nd dimensional vision. Of course, those with 2nd dimensional vision will not understand what we Christians see and thus encounter persecution. A Desert Father once said:

    "Abba Antonios said: ?The time is coming when people will be seized by manias and will behave like madmen. And if they see anyone acting reasonably, they will rise up against him saying: 'You are insane. And they will have accurately said this to him, for he will not be like them'.

    Let us watch and trust in our Loving God!!!

    Lets dedicate this New year in reading the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Fathers more so that may become living icons of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. Please pray for this big gamuz!
  • yea, it's a common belief among some individuals and found several areas (Gospel of St. Thomas, Gospel of Mary magdalene, The Da Vinci Code..etc) We as coptic orthodox christains reject this belief.
  • im saddened by this Jesus married come on, this makes everything about him that was holy now not holy.
  • Jesus Himself warned us that this would happen, here is an exmaple:

    "For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect–if that were possible. " (Mark 13:22)

    Lets not get deceived by the devil here.
  • [glow=red,2,300][/glow]
  • Da Vinci's Code is a fiction. Go ahead and read it. If you fall for its lies than you are not intelligent enough to do the research yourself. Watching Da Vinci's Code Decoded strengthened my opinion on how insulting the book was and how incredible it is for so many people to praise such a book when it is insulting their own religion. It is a devil's tool to weaken the Christians and strengthen the non-believers' ability to misjudge our faith. Even a professor from the movie who was being interviewed appeared to me as if he was payed to say what he said. His words were all lies, claiming that Coptic priests are not capable of understanding the Coptic language but rather memorizing the mass off by heart and spilling it out as a symbol like reading the mass in Latin. I know this is wrong because even my dad knows a great deal of the Coptic language and he is not anywhere close to becoming a priest. All those who do not read the Bible should not read this book because you will be mislead. Even I was a bit effected by this book but only about a few issues not concerning wether or not Jesus was married and had kids. For those of you who are confused, Jesus did not get married and/or have kids. Please read the BIBLE.
    P.S. Who do you think pays for this book to be published?
    In other words: Would you think any company would publish a book on how the Jewish faith is False?
  • I think that book is amazing from what I know. I haven't read it yet but I have heard it was good it and its most definitely on my christmas list. I don't think it's all about Jesus..It's just a general philosophy book. If it will affect you and get thoughts into your head then I wouldn't recomend it..I personally enjoy philosophy. God bless.
  • Philosophy, sure it's interesting, but what good does it do. Do not answer me.
  • is there such thing as the lost books of jesus, that the vatican pope himself is hiding from the public? someone has said this before in a conversation, that there are books being held by the vatican church...any answers?
  • It sounds more like the Index, which was established by the Catholics church, years and years ago. The Index included some books that the people of the Catholic Church were forbidden to read, including a book called the Prince, that explained how a ruler can be considered successfu with all different strategies and stuff, I can't think of any other books. Anyway, If someone from the Catholic Church was to read any of the books that was included in the Index, they were to be put to excommunication (forbidden to attend the Catholic Church). I don't think that the Index is still practiced until now, I am sure they abolished it, but not really sure what year was that in, so I don't think that exists until nowadays.

    God Bless,
  • this is all just INSANE!!! He came to save us not to marry n procreate...he PROCREATED by spreading his Holy Spirit to His disciples, who passed it down to many generations and now to us. Maybe it's a different meaning of procreation, bu definitely not a physical one. These scientists are insane. All they need to base themselves on are calculations and theories they just dont know how to admit believe and accept dogmas and holy mysteries!!!!!!!!! ;D

    may God lead them in the right path :'( :-\
  • ok everyone, da vinci's code is a fictional book. that doesn't make it any better, but don't go spreading that people are believing it etc, because it's fiction, people know it's fiction, the author wrote it as fiction, it's under the fiction section in bookstores, don't get so upset! the author himself knows it's fiction, he wrote it that way.
    God bless you
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The One True God. AMEN.[/glow]

    If the "DaVinci Code" wasn't such a bestseller and such an influential book in the lives of so many people then there would be no need to worry. But as we see even in this thread there are confused souls who can be led astray by such perverse works of "Faction". The great waves Dan Brown (the author of the book) has caused shows the immense spiritual hunger for Christ there is and the need for us as- the the One Body of Christ- to share the Good News with our very lives.

    Today's society view Christians as narrow minded fundamentalists or medieval anti-abortion crusaders or politically incorrect cavemen led by pedophile clergy who are hypocrites or at best, boring people following an all too familiar "John 3:16, saved or not saved Gospel". I may be coming a bit too strong but exagerration may help drive my point.

    Dan Brown may have given us an insight. We may have to present the Ancient Faith by new means. I am not talking about changing the Faith nor compromising it to gain the world, but to be more bold. clever in sharing the Gospel. This cannot be done if we ourselves aren't evangelized. The examples of the Holy Fathers and Mothers are awesome models showing us how to let God lead us to be living icons of the Lord JesusChrist. Lets look to Jesus and stop whining. Lets share and encourage each other by starting "Anti-Davinci Code Clubs" that can be stepping stones in inviting non-believers and believers to Church. These are some suggestions. I would love to hear some feedback ;). God Bless you all.
  • don't thw mormans beliieve in that and they say he had morw then one life
  • oh i kno
    my friend got this topic up at sunday skool
    r teacher told us there was a guy who was mad
    at mary so he wrote weird stories and wrote marys name on them n one of them was that story my ss teacher told us plzz correct me if i wrong
    i dunno wat the guys name is but ill ask my friend

  • If the "DaVinci Code" wasn't such a bestseller and such an influential book in the lives of so many people then there would be no need to worry.

    I agree here. The idea that Jesus was married to Mary comes mostly from the "Gospel of Philip" and the use of a word describing her as His "companion." The professors in the DaVinci code book claim that this word, in the original Aramaic carrys the connotation of a wife. Except that the gospel of Philip was not written in Aramaic - but in some Coptic language - so the argument is invalid. The word simply means companion. There is also a passage about a kiss that Jesus gave Mary M. But there is so much missing from the document that it doesn't say where or how He kissed her - the book assumes He kissed her on the mouth. Also a false argument. Lastly, the gospel of Philip is not accepted by any Christian church as Scripture, and is therefore not authoritative in anyway.

    The best response to someone who makes this claim is to gently reply to them with the facts.

  • " for false Christ and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order, if possible, to lead the elect astray. But take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance." Mark 13:22- 23
    We are the true believers having the Holy Bible of our Lord Jesus Christ and He, Himselfe, being the Almighty, foretold us what would happen at the end of time. Satan is deceiving the world by this publication and making it the best selling to raise doubts in the thinking of the believers. TAKE HEED !!!
  • I read the Davinci Code Last month and as far as novels go, it's pretty interesting. There are some very obvious errors of course, which anyone who knows enough history can spot.

    The truly amazing thing about this book is not the idea that jesus might have been married to Mary Magdalene but that incredibly influential people like Leonardo DaVinic, Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo believed that this was true. The book doesn't make a great case for believing the story, but it did make me realize that much of modern science and philosophy is influenced by people who really believed in a huge christian coverup. That in itself is pretty astounding...
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