Moral Dilemmas

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For any of you who take parenting courses, psychology, or any course of this nature, you may have heard of Kholberg's theory of moral development. He created this theory by presenting to ppl of diff ages questions dealing with moral dilemmas and he listened to their responses and formed what we now call Kholberg's theory of moral development.. Anyways, amongst some of his questions was one that i found a little difficult to answer myself. I decided to listen to what you guys have to say so here it goes: a man and his wife have been married for a long time (25 yrs) and after many yrs the wife is diagnosed with an illness that no doctor could cure. The man searches for anyone that may have a cure but to his dismay he couldnt fine anyone. Then once day a doctor heard of his wife's condition and spoke to the husband saying that he had the cure for his wife. The man was in shock and when he asked how much the cure had cost, it was valued at 4 grand. The man could not afford this and he tried to compromise a deal with the doctor but the doc refused to help him. The man returns home saddened about everything, until he remember the doc say he was closing his clinic for a week b/c we was traveling. The man gets the idea of breaking into his clinic and stealing the cure-after all it’s the only solution for his wife’s illness.

So the question is, should he or should he not break into the doc’s clinic? And PLEASE justify your answers. Also, pretend that this man is not religious…b/c when I proposed that this man should just pray about it my teacher said you can’t assume this guy’s faithful. So, lets assume he’s an atheist…what should he do? Is it right to something evil even though you have good intentions?


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    Is it right to something evil even though you have good intentions?

    Aside from this story, as a general rule of thumb…

    The answer to this question is; there is no answer. It must be looked at on a case by case basis. Most people wouldn’t have any problem doing something “evil” if they felt it was justified. A classic example is if you’re starving and you steal food. I don’t think there is a clear cut answer.

    In this case, I’m not certain what I would personally do. God willing I would never have to make such a decision. In times of desperation people do impulsive things.

    God Bless

  • yeah i have no answer for you because i'm not in that situation. I think we should be optimistic until a situation like that comes up. Whether that guy is faithful or not doesn't matter. what matters is that WE are faithful, and if God forbid something like that ever happened, i'm sure the church would help raise money for the family. I always do have questions about if other people will make it into heaven or not and the thing is, its none of my business, i have to focus on myself and whether I'M gonna get into heaven or not.
  • I wouldn't know either but the RIGHT thing to do is to leave it up to God. Stealing is wrong in ALL conditions. However, it would take some strength to leave such thing to God that easily. Maybe God wants things that maybe we shouldn't so much interfere altough it would be tough.. God bless.
  • Hey guys
    To be realistic and in a real life situation with someone I care so so so so much about..I would probably think about breaking in and getting the cure. Iam sure I would be so close to doing that but right before I do it .. I think maybe it is his/her time to die. Maybe if I steal the cure and he/she is fine then their outcome won't be good. Maybe if he/she die now then they will rest in heaven with God but if they die later they would have done so much bad that they wont earn their place in heaven. So I probably would think of the longrun .. rather than the temporary life on earth. If I get the cure maybe I would be killing the person's eternity which could be best if left as God planned! I would rather the person win eternity rather than a couple of extra years on life which will cause him/her heaven.
    sooooooooooooo that's what I think .. it would be really hard for something to do that .. but hey .. THINK ABOUT IT!!
  • One verse to sum it all:

    "Be faithful untill death and I will give you the crown of life"

    Just my 2 cents
  • The situation is so unrealistic but... I dont think only one person will have the cure... and who says it works on everyone?
    Everyone regardless if they are faithful or not have a conscience but in cases like this and a poor person stealing bread we dont listen.
    But I know these are difficult things.. the saints and I think Jeremiah the Prophet u'se to pray to God that they never become too poor or too rich.. too poor so they dont steal and too rich so they dont feel like they dont need God anymore.

  • yoshi, in my humble opinion, u should tell ur teacher that unless this situation is personal (like happening to u [God forbid]) you wont be able to give ur teacher an answer.
    you cant tell your teacher what the guy should do, becauseeveryone has different ideas, values, morals, beliefs, etc...
    somthing like this would be too personal to 'answer for someone else' kinda thing... hope you get what i mean.

    personally, i'd leave it up to God... miracles happen every day!! and with the saints we have, there's no doubt that everything will be ok in the end.

    again, this is a personal opinion... you cant answer for the person...

    take care and God bless!
  • guys, this incident is NOT REAL....its just a series of questions that Kholberg asked ppl of diff ages so he can study stages of moral development. I just want to know what you guys think of the situation, but try not to look at it in a faith perspective...this is what our teacher told us. ASSUME, the guy is not a Christian, what would you do...this is what makes it a moral dilemma...see what i mean??
  • Morally... WRONG

    The man doesn't have something else to do to save his wife...he might even take the blame of stealing and get punished for it but he is still saving his wife...his everlasting love.

    That actually bring up an interesting point...religion wise...Jesus took the punishment...YES for something He didn't do...but he took the punishment just to save show his everlasting love.

    God Bless,
  • i see what u mean yoshi...
    but if the question is 'what would WE do'... it'll totally differ from what ur teacher wants.
    our decisions on such moral situations are altered by our values, beliefs, etc. our 'morals' in this dilemma are shaped by how we're raised...
    so... according to the teacher....we're supposed to pretend we're not Christian and then state how we'd act? lol... cuz if we were to put ourselves in the guy's shoes... it would be different... get where im going with this?
    how WE think of the situation will be based on mainly our belief.. so im not sure what your teacher is looking for...

    i kno im making no but this question cant be answered unless u can get personal with it... i think...

    anyways good luck with ur thing...

    take care and God bless
  • hey yoshi!

    we were talkin about this at the dinner, dont quite remember what i said, but your right if this person was athiest then he would have a morla dillema on his hands, remeber athiest people set their own moral valuse, Jesus taught us ours! so for this person it is a moral dillema, so based on what his idea of morals are he would make his decision, another factor might come into play, fear of the law, the law punishes braking and entering and steeling, so even if he lacks morlas he may fear the law! also he may not resort to that kinda think, remeber there is so much financial aid out there! trust me there would be a right way for him to get the money, he doesnt need to resort to brakeing the rules.

    Now from the religious prespective, i wouldnt steel nothing its braking gods commandemt! so i would pray pray pray, god always leads right when we ask him, he always guids us and helps us when we ask him!

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