Catholic Persecutions against Copts



  • Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    I believe that what has happened is just a fight from satan against us because he is angry to see us how much we believe in Jesus and how this site contains a lot of good people who are truly believers and who help each other in the right faith so he tries to fight us but in vain. Let's just remember that our fight is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual evils. This is a good sign and not a bad sign that satan is fighting us.

    That's why just turn the page on what happened and do not be affected because that's exactly what satan wants.

    Thank you and may God bless you.

    Pray for me.

  • Good call karfaw...
  • Thank you!
    my hand really hurts from writing all that!
    i can stop and rest now...
    :D ;) :)
    (unless u'd like to turn this into 11 page ramblings, most of which will probably be made by SMS) lol
  • not that i REALLY wanna open this subject again
    but what did the Catholic Pope have to apologize for?

    "Pope John Paul formally apologized to the Coptic Church during his visit to Egypt years ago related to this issue.

    For the Pope of the largest Christian religion in the world to humble himself like that this a tribute to how amazing and truly Christian this Holy leader is"
  • good question ???
  • thanx, now can someone plz answer it ???
  • i think wut they meant was tha Pope John Paul appologized to the Coptic Church because of the persecutions of the Coptics by the Catholics...(correct me if im wrong) but thass wut i understood.
  • but what and when did these persecutions happen? i really dont recall hearing about them...?
  • Well, from what I know, there has been catholic persecution through the Roman Empire or the "Holy Roman Empire" sometimes in the middle ages but also there has been some persecution recently. Also, one of the people I know (coptic) was jailed for putting out a fire ignited by the muslim brotherhood group, the police said they were catholics and they were responsible for the fire (my friend and his friends who were trying to put out the fire) so it's not always catholic! This guy was put in a concentration camp and was put in a can with knives all over so u can't move nor stand nor sit!!!! Until my dad went and got him out of jail!

  • Christos Anesti !!!

    God is awesome!!! Wow,what a thread! Throughout the discussion there was a sense of passion for the Lord and Holy Orthodoxy! A passion for defending and sharing the Holy Faith of our Fathers as well as praying for Basbousa. This gives glory to God as long as our focus is on God and not in our egos.... I have the biggest one of all!!! But God is praised by the logical explanations,treatment of topics such as Coptic persecutions, Muslim theology and Christian hospitality.

    What was said ealier about loving the sinner but not the sin....the muslim but not very true! This is how God loves us for He does not treat us how we really deserve as sinner that we are;" He has not dealt with us according to our sins, Nor punished us according to our iniquities... Psalm103:10." However, let not anger blind us to hurt others thus gain an enemy and not a at least a friend. The Holy Scriptures tells us to share and defend our faith in Christ to sanctify Him and with meekness and fear:' But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear... (1Peter 3:15)".

    Lastly, Islam is not a revealed religion by God becuase as previously stated the Quran tells the muslim to look at the "previously revealed books" to prove its authenticity....however muslims say that Christians have corrupted the Bible ( so why tell muslims to go there in the first place? God didnt know)? God doesn't play games. He would not let the Holy Bible be tampered because He established His Holy Church to preach and teach (Matthew 28:19) and the gates of hell would not previal against Her (Matthew 16:18 ) and gave the Apostles special authority (Matthew 18:18) and the promises that He would be with the Church forever (matthew 28:20) as well as the guidance of the Holy Spirit beginning at Pentecost (John14:26 and Acts 2) not when Muhammad arrived. Plus the writings of the Holy Fathers ( especially the ones taught by the Apostles themselves-St Polycarp of Smyrna and St Ignatius of Antioch- ) are filled with verses of the New Testament showing how preserved the Bible has been. This also includes more than 2,000 ancient manuscripts of the Bible that we have (only 4 were mentioned in this thread...) in museums and by scholars .This is more than any other ancient classic ever written! Uthman burned all the rest of the Qurans and had one official version published! How can compare the present Quran to other ancient manuscripts of it to make sure Muhammad said this and its the same Quran?
    The Quran says Jesus is Not the Son of God and God has no partners. Thus it doesn't see the Trinity as revealed dogma! They call this SHIRK-to ascribe partners to God! Plus other stuff revealed to us By God....Hebrews 1::1.

    Well...sorry for the lengthy post. The key here is to share in the love of Christ and pray for basboura. Please pray for me..the big gamuz!

    Al Masiah Kam!!!!
  • [quote author=SMS link=board=1;threadid=260;start=45#msg2150 date=1085243669]
    but what and when did these persecutions happen? i really dont recall hearing about them...?
  • Hi SMS,

    They could be referring to either after the council of Chalcedon when the Romans persecuted the church. They had an emperor called Justinian (embarassingly) one of their saints who used to kill a lot of people to have them follow the council and they stopped many from being our allies. Actually Pope Benjamin, invited the moselms into Egypt, hoping they would be better than the romans. :roll:

    It could also be due to the treatment given to us during the crusades. The crusaders saw us as heretics and treated us harshly. There was one city that was covered with tar and left to burn for over 50 days. :S

  • Crusades and islam checked each other, but we were in the middle too!!

  • o wow
    i knew that Justinian persecuted Christians, but i didnt think that they'd come and apologize now... u'd think they'd do it back back then..
    thanx :)
  • Yea, well the Catholic Church was never one for timing. They only pardoned Galileo for his theories on heliocentricity only 10 or so years ago (500 years after the publishing of the theory and excommunication of Galileo).

    - Chris
  • That's pretty funny! LOL! But I have a question, confession used to be for money, is that still ike that til now, and do they still sell indulgences??

    Also, I have some idea about the Coptic opinion on the purgatury but what do u guys think??

  • when i studied purgatory, it was(is) nothing like our confession. dont forget, repentance goes hand in hand with confession.
  • Could u explain plz??


  • wich part?
  • umm ::), the whole post :-\.....

  • well, puragtory is somewat like confession. u pay a sum of money or the give the church something and then ur sins are "forgiven"
    in the coptic religion u have to repent first to God and then confess to a preist who then absolves u.
    give to the church is a totally another different matter.
  • No, ur mixing purgatory with indulgences, indulgences is like a slip from a priest or a Pope to assure that they will not go to the purgatury, the place where they are cleansed after death!

  • my bad! sorry about that. im not really good with terms, for give me.
    well purgatory is a waiting place after death. i dont think we believe in that.
    one time this was asked to a bishop and he said, why are we worrying about it. lets worry about this life and let God take care of the next.
    sorry again about the mix up
  • it's Ok but H.G. Anba Moussa said that it's wrong and the proof for that is Jesus said to the thief crucified to His right: Today you will join me in Paradise. Not in Purgatury!!

  • [glow=red,2,300]Christ is Ascended!!!![/glow]

    No, indulgences are not sold anymore since the Protestant Deformation. I explained in detail about purgatory and indulgences in the I am not a copt thread .

    GBU!!! ;D
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