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  • i just noticed something... everyone here is just regurgitating things they have heard... and things other people have said... if you actually want to be productive and honest... say what you actually think...

    i don't plan on clicking "post" untill i have said what i feel...

    i felt that the movie was okay... and depending what religion you are... fairly accurate... (keep in mind Mel Gibson - the director- is Roman Catholic...) so don't whine about accuracy... it all depends on your religion and your veiw point...

    i felt that most of the gore in the movie was alright... that is how it happened... it wasn't a pretty sight... but that is what went down...

    however... some of it was just excessive... and was added just because it is a hollywood production... like when satan jumps out at Judas... when Jesus had been thrown over the side of the rode, near the beginning... another part was when the crow pecked out the eyes of the theif on the left... that was all just hollywood stuff added in for effect... which i didn't enjoy at all... if they wanted to do it accuratley... they should have left hollywood snippits like that... on the cutting room floor...

    but as a whole the movie was well done... and i think the Mel did a good job making the film... despite descrepencies...
  • Hi Ham,

    I think everybody says his own opinion whether it has been said before or not. This does not matter. Even what you are saying has been mentionned before about the excessive violent scenes because of Holywood production and that Mel Gibson succeeded in this well done movie but that's your opinion and nobody objects even if you are repeating what others say without adding something new.

    We just say our opinion which may agree or disagree with what other people say.

    Thank you

  • sorry if i was misunderstood... i dont mind the fact that people say the same thing...

    i do however mind... when people just repeat what they have been told... without really having an opinion of their own...
  • i agree with mister Ham, i hope him the best of luck, and i think he's cool. he is a wonderful Aganostos, and an admirable friend.

    the one and only st.demianas son himself, Samuel Gerges
  • thanks sam :)
  • First of all, I want to say that this movie has changed my life - immeasurably for the better. It sorrows me to know that it took such a graphic, yet real, portrayal of Christ's suffering for us to make faith real to me. I pray it will help me continue to make good choices from now on in my life. At the very least, it's given me back a renewed sense of hope that I had lost.

    On a more earthly note (and this is a question I'm afraid might bring me a great deal of criticism or ridicule, but I'm just asking this honestly and innocently), I'm wondering about the significance of the snake in the garden of Gethsemane. I've presumed that it must be a symbolic representation of Christ crushing the devil, evil, and/or sin. But my admittedly simple question is, why choose a snake to represent evil? I question this simply because I've shared my home with dogs, cats (at present, two of them), various rodents, fish (four at present, and a snail), and, also at present, a Columbian boa and a Ball python. Having observed so many of our fellow creatures up close and personal, in my experience I've seen that dogs and especially cats can be very cruel to their 'dinner' before eating it, and rodents and fish often consider their own offspring as 'dinner'. On the other hand, my snakes seem to dispose of their prey as quickly and nicely as possible. Living in Arizona, and being quite into the outdoors, I've even noticed that the few rattlesnakes I've been lucky enough to observe have behaved quite innocuously in comparison to some of the other native wildlife.

    My question is, why do snakes represent evil? In the Bible and readings I've found, it's always referred to as "the serpent," but in movies, and in art, "the serpent" is always represented as a snake. I've only been able to come up with the thought that maybe back in Biblical days snakes were the scariest or deadliest living creature most people encountered. Sure, there were no doubt many other dangerous animals, but snakes were alien-looking creatures that could get into their homes (snakes can get into little holes that larger creatures cannot). I've tried to find another answer in scripture as to "why snakes?" but I haven't been able to.

    Please forgive me, I'm not trying to be nonsensical with this question. I just wondered if anyone might have an answer. Thank you, and God bless!

    -"Dr." Nixie, veterinary woman :D

  • Is there any way to download it Plz
  • Hi Nixie, i believe i might have the answer to your question. the reason evil is always presented as a serpant/snake is because in the garden of edn, a serpant tempted our mother Eve and God cursed the serpeant and made it into a snake. So i think from that people have always associated evil with snakes. hope this helps.
  • Hi everyone, I am new in this board.. and I think the movie is such a blessed andf great work, its really good. I saw it more that two times, and I really like it. But I hope that we have such things in our Coptic Church..

  • The little baby represents the Anti-Christ, since Jesus sais that many will come in His name. The whole purpose of the Devil there was that the devil was trying to tempt Jesus, to see that he really was the True God. During the whipping for example, the devil wanted to see Jesus heal Himself, but He didn't, because if He did heal Himself during the whipping, He would have went with the devil's will, and we would not have been saved now.

    P.S. Happy Easter to all :)

    pray for me,
  • for anyone who wants the movie, email me or go on msn at [email protected](i got it and its only 400,000)
  • The movie captured many things that most of us overlook. Namely the relationship Jesus had with his mother. The fact that he was human and divine, still experiencing the emotion of man and the divinity of God. This is something I feel the movie captured well.

    Just thought I would share this also. On another note, in watching the History channel during holy week, they were discussing why most actors playing Jesus seem to portray such strength in delivering the role in a convincing way. It is because they do not blink. Each stare or look goes right through you, as if reading your heart. This is also something The Passion delivered. Makes you realize how humble and unworthy you are as a sinner. What touched me was the look Jesus gave Peter after he denied him 3 times. The eye contact and look of disappointment.

    So although the movie was gory, there were many details that made the story become whole. Even the end was great, how the linen cloth deflated and it just shows his profile in a victorious "I have risen" manner. Truly, He has risen! Happy Easter to all!
  • Hi, i think the movie was really good, and it has a big message for the ppl out there.

    But the other day i was watching tv and i saw the coptic pope, he said that he doesnt really approve of that movie, and it wasnt all that, because it doesnt send a full message about the whole life of jesus, ( i.e. born to death ).
  • Hey Godisinmyheart,
    Do you think you could elaborate a little more on what our beloved Pope has said concerning this movie? Thanks in advance.

    Jesus Christ, The King Of Glory, Has Risen From the Dead,
    - Chris
  • [quote author=Banoub link=board=1;threadid=128;start=30#msg1875 date=1084730538]
    Hey Godisinmyheart,
    Do you think you could elaborate a little more on what our beloved Pope has said concerning this movie? Thanks in advance.

    Jesus Christ, The King Of Glory, Has Risen From the Dead,
    - Chris

    I would love to, but all i remember were few things only :). and thats what he said..

    he said that they shouldnt have made a movie only about the pain of jesus, they should've made a whole movie about his mircals and teachings.
    They shouldnt have showed the weaknesses of jesus only.. but also what he did.

    thats all i remember, sorry :)
    God Bless
  • Hi GoDiSiNmYhEaRt,

    What the Pope said is true and also a lot of people commented like the fact that the movie just talks about Jesus death and does not show the Resurrection. But I do not think he has forbidden people from seeing it.

    We all may have some comments and suggestions about it to make it better because we are all jealous on our Religion and we would like it to appear in a perfect way. But still we are saying it's a good work in general.

    What do you think?

    Thank you and may God bless you.

    Pray for me.

  • i dont know where i heard this but i heard that if a nonchristian sees it they will veiw Jesus as a weak person (the beatings) and also maybe as a criminal. i agree that the Resurrection needed to be stressed more. the movie was incomplete, christianity would have no meaning without Resurrection.
  • All good points. Thanks anyway for the info. godisinmyheart!

    In Brotherhood,
    - Chris
  • NP banoub, anytime.

    and karfaw, u got a point there :). but all i remember is that he didnt approve it, and also that he didn't watch it, but he based it on the opinions of people.

    But i kinda like the movie, and somehow there are some points that i disagreed on. so there we go.

    i was just saying what i saw and heard :P
  • just resurecting da pole
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