Christology and Chalcedon



  • Are there ANY Church Fathers, Chalcedonian or otherwise, that state that Jesus has a created human spirit that is distinct from his human rational soul and body?

    There is a belief among some that we can only talk about a body and human rational soul of Jesus. They say that any reference to the human spirit of Jesus in the Bible is actually speaking of his rational soul. Any talk of a human spirit in Jesus is avoided because it would amount to Him having two spirits. Jesus spirit is only the Holy Spirit.

    I feel this is similar to Eutychianism or Apolinarianism.

    The problem is, I can not argue against this from the Church Fathers because all of them speak of a rational soul. None of them speak of a created human spirit in Jesus that is distinct from his soul.
  • Dear brothers!

    Do you have online version of the this book?

    Fr. Shenouda, «Christology and the Council of Chalcedon»

    I don’t live in USA and European Union, it’s impossible for me to buy it online. I will be very happy if you send it to me.
  • i will keep u posted if i get round to buying it
  • I have already found it online, thank you! If you want, I can send it you by e-mail.
  • Refer to St Cyril of Alexandria, specifically his writings about the Nestorian controversy
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