Do you know any apologetic online resources?

My dear brothers and sisters in the Coptic Church!

Do you know of any apologetic sites, projects or blogs that provide arguments for our christology against the chalcedonites?

The only one I currently know of is Metropolitan Bishoy's website:


  • i found this website to be in favour of full relations with the eastern orthodox churches and so i would not describe as 'against' the chalcedonian orthodox churches.

    otherwise, there are several good orthodox websites that answer difficult questions about our Christian faith (which is what i understand by the term 'apologetic').

    one source is here:

  • To my mind, there are a lot of good arguments against Chalkidonites on Mintropolit Bishoy's website. Both historical and logical.

    Personally, I am not against relations with the Eastern Churches, but when they try to convert us, we must be able to respond
  • Hello Dearest Tigran,

    Some sources of apologetics for Orthodoxy that refute Chalcedonite heterodox are:
    Polish Miaphysite blog
    Apologia Orthodoxia blog
    As you mentioned - Metropolitan Bishoy's of blessed memory's website.

    We are in favor of the Chalcedonite repentance back to the Apostolic Orthodox Church, so stay tuned for sources from authors in the past and future that you may come across.  I personally recommend academic books more than websites, and the foremost is Abouna Shenouda Ishak's book Christology and the Council of Chalcedon, which is a comprehensive, thoroughly researched endeavor commissioned by the late HH Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria.  It has plenty of material at over 700 pages and it makes clear the heterodox standing of the Chalcedonites both in old times and in modern times where they refused a natural union.

    God bless you,
  • Hello Dioscoros,

    Thank you!
  • there are strong discord servers that are oriental orthodox. Lion's Den which is a discord and youtube channel (run by Daniel Kakish who is a subdeacon of the Syriac Orthodox church). Orthodox Christianity discord server as well. There are a bunch on tiktok and instagram from what I understand too, but I stay away from those platforms. 
  • middled aged lady here - 
    can you translate what you mean by 'discord'?
    in simple english it means a lack of harmony; i assume there is a new computer meaning for it.

    when i was growing up, 'wicked' meant 'really awesome' - it is amusing how words change their meaning with time!
  • Discord is a social media platform. It mainly has several servers, which are practically online communities in which people socialise about common topics and interests. 


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