St Philomena

Just wondering when St Philomena's Coptic feast date is celebrated and if there is any veneration/doxology for her?
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  • Philomena is not a saint in our church, nor in the Roman Catholic rite. She was decanonized by Rome a while back. Since she isn't and never was a Coptic saint, she has no Synaxar entry, no feast, and no veneration.
  • Hi @Daniel_Kyrillos
    Why was she decanonised by the Catholic Church? Do you know?
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • @Daniel_Kyrillos

    But some of her relics are at St. George's Church in the Convents of Old Cairo.
  • @ophadece Based off a source (aka wikipedia, which I know isn't that reliable) Rome is kinda split over it... The body they found for the girl believe to be Philomena was found to have not been with the inscription of her "name." So Rome took her name out of calendars. However, many churches believed in the miracles preformed through her intercessions, so they still venerated her as a saint. I think the real story is this: Philomena was an actual saint, a holy woman, but the body they found wasn't the saint's. So until they found the body, Rome kinda brushed it under the table. However, as far as I know, there isn't an actual "decanonization". I said that badly, sorry. I need to do more research- once again, this is just from Wikipedia- but it seems that the entire thing is a matter of Rome sorta jumping the gun  and being really loud about something and then having more evidence show up later and slap em in the face.
    @Lovejoypeace_ really? That's odd. Philomena was definitely never canonized by any Orthodox church, Oriental or Eastern. I wouldn't be surprised though- there are definitely Roman saints who we don't have canonized but are truly holy and saintly people, and vice versa.
  • This article will explain. She's not a saint in our Church and should not be venerated as such.
  • Saint Philomena is a great and highly venerated Martyr in our Church.
  • She is such an amazing intercessor, may God open all of your eyes.
  • Amen, so good hearing from you @PK281!!!
    I miss you so much!! :)
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