Philomena is not a saint in any Church

Hi everyone, sadly it seems the presence of a saint by the name of Philomena is infiltrating our Coptic Churches. I find this quite alarming. We even have her relics in our Churches, when in actual fact she has never been canonized in the Coptic Church (or any Church for that matter). I've written an article debunking the myth of her sainthood and ask that people try and spread the word, so we can cleanse her presence from our Churches. Thank you.


  • What a strange story...

    This makes me very curious about a bunch of different things. I guess at the top of my list of questions is, how does an Orthodox Church acquire relics?

    I assumed that there would be a rigorous process whereby the request would have to go to the diocese and a certified relic, stewardship and documentation would have to be approved and transferred to the church. If I was right about that, this mistake could not have been made. If we don't carefully control the handling and transfer of Holy Relics, how on Earth do we know that they are genuine?
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    So true George27, we received the relics in my Church from a Coptic Church in Old Cairo, and our Abounas didnt think for a moment she was not a saint. One day I looked for her in the Synaxarium and couldn't find her. This sparked my investigation. Sad thing is we now have people that absolutely adore her at Church, including one of our simple lovely older Abounas. We have a huge mosaic of her at our Church too! We also had a theatrical play on her life by our youth, performed to all our church laity... Thankfully the Abounas are now aware and have asked a Bishop to investigate her sainthood. But allot of damage has already been done. I hope and pray her presence is removed from our Churches, or substantial evidence is found for her canonization (which is highly unlikely)...
    • Saint Philomena is a great and highly venerated Martyr in our Church.
    • God will open your eyes soon.
  • @Jojo_Hanna Amen! May Her intercessions be with us all. 
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