Keep Hagia Sophia in your prayers

As many of you know, Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque. This has been a slap in the face to Orthodox Christians and especially for the Greek Orthodox but even for us Copts I'm sure. The name bearer, Saint Sophia was a Coptic saint. Let us remember and pray for the state of the Christians in these regions and pray for us to remember that unity more than anything is needed at this time.

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    "The Church of Agia Sophia is not named after an Egyptian saint, but after the Holy Wisdom of God, and it was not constructed by Emperor Constantine, but by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century."

    - Fr. @PeterFarrington

    Father, you can take it from here.


    "When the righteous Emperor Constantine heard the story of Saint Sophia, he carried her holy body to the city of Constantinople. He built a great cathedral and placed the body in."

    Regardless there was a cathedral built after her, my bad if it wasn't Hagia Sophia...

    However, the main point of this message is to still pray for the state of Christians and for this tragic event to unite us, thanks :)
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    I believe it was a Mosque from the 15th century to the 1930s. If you see pictures, there are Islamic writings on the walls. It's not exactly such alarming news as everyone makes it out to be. It has actually been secular for almost 90 years and was not an active church. It's no surprise with the growth of extremism in Turkey this would happen.

    I definitely agree with the OP. So many Christians in that region have been pushed out. It's sad to see so many converts from the west to Byzantine Orthodoxy who have no concept of the current situation of Christians in places like Turkey. Very well said from both of you!
  • The majority of the population in Sub-saharan Africa are christians(the majoirty of black people in Sub-saharan Africa,Carribean,Latin America are usually pentecostals christians a very fundamendalist form of christianity,orthodox christians make up the majoirty only in Ethiopia) and they are very angry.Amhara people and Tigrayans are also very angry with this.Erdogan is an enemy of all christians.But according to polls in Turkey he is going to lose the next elecetions(he already lost mayoral elections of 2019).Hagia Sophia isn't a mosque or a museum.Hagia Sophia is an orthodox church and must return to the Orthodox church.
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