Blood Composition proves Miracle of Martyrs Of Akhmim

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Blood is composed of 45% red blood cells or Erythrocytes and 55% plasma. The Blood also includes platelets or Thrombocytes for blood clotting and White blood cells or Leukocytes. Plasma is 91% water, meaning that a very large percentage of blood is simply water. When this water evaporates, as it has for the Martyrs of Akhmim and the body is dehydrated, the blood will cease to be liquid any longer because blood is only liquid because of the high percentage of blood within it, and will instead turn into a powdery coagulated substance. However, the miracle is that these bodies have been documented to bleed on many occasions, and in many diffrent places around the world.


  • wow this is interesting! Thanks for sharing. 
  • It says "high percentage of blood", sorry I meant high percentage of water. 
  • Thrombocytes cause coagulation of blood by first going to a tear, then coagulation factors activate and create fibrin strands which will seal a tear, wound, or injury. 
  • Other cells will also get caught in the fibrin and will aid in the blood coagulation
  • correct vocabulary,    Platelets - Thrombocytes
                                   White blood cells   -     Leukocytes

                                   Red blood cells      -     Erythrocytes 
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