I'm trying to learn Coptic.

For a long time I've felt a curiosity and a connection to our past and identity as Egyptians. Now, because of some things out of my control, I have a gap year in university and i have decided to devote a part of this free time to learn our old language. Now, and I truly hope this is no problem for anyone on here, I'm not Christian, but in my search for learning material, I seemed to always be directed to this site, as there are some pretty knowledgeable people here about the Coptic language. So far I have a basic understanding of the grammar and could construct basic sentences. Most of my learning was done my the small lessons here and there scattered around the internet, and also I've taken to reading Coptic-english gospels and hymns and deciphering the meaning of singular words and such.

I was hoping one of you good people could share with me some better learning materials I could learn from.

Thanks in advance!


  • there is a set of lessons from 'Christian youth channel' (part of coptic church tv channel) on youtube which are really good. the first is called 'coptic lesson eps 1', so it will not be difficult to find.
    it does use some language from hymns, which u may not find relevant, but it explains basic grammar and numbers very well, and i strongly recommend at least the 1st 10 lessons (i did not get much further than that as i just wanted 2 understand our hymns better and did not need 2 become fluent).
    i understand u r not Christian, but i think it is still a good way 2 learn.
    i learnt some arabic on line, including from channels that were trying to convert me, but it was still useful learning.
    the coptic language is beautiful and witty and i hope u soon know it much better than i do!
    also welcome 2 tasbeha forum
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