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Hi Everyone God Bless you all for more or less six years I suffered from horrible terrible blasphemous thoughts against the Holy Trinity and the saints which has caused me innumerable pressure and depression, its been so hard for me that often I want to give up, not only this but I feel increadibly empty and I feel like I have no or little spiritual relationship with God. These thoughts attack me all the time like every minute I just want to be free from this. Sometimes the enemy make me think that I have commited unforgivable sin and that God has forsaken, the enemy also finishes sentences in my mind with blasphemys and tricks its really exhasting, I haven t given up and I hope not to. Please pray for me I heard of many miracles of Pope Kyrillos and St Mina the Miracle Worker, if anyone is close to these holy saints, please pray for me and ask for their holy intercessions. Thank You Im sorry I have troubled anyone my names is Emmanuel by the way


  • u can't commit unforgivable sin if u are still alive. basically it means dying without repenting. so stay alive!
    did u speak 2 yr confession father or doctor?
    share your worries with someone close to you. we all have worries so you should not be ashamed.
    may God guide you. may the saints pray for you too. remember many saints repented of great sins, so we are sure God will accept your repentance
  • Don't let it bother you, I hope you spoke to your father of confession about this and are consistent in your spiritual life, it doesn't matter what comes to your head, it matters how you act accordingly. Our God is merciful and ever-forgiving. Although, I think you should do a check up with a psychiatrist because this might be due to a health factor such as thyroid inflammation or anxiety.
    May the blessings and prayers of Pope Cyril and Saint Mena be with you and God bless.
  • Have hope. God loves those whom He allows to suffer for His sake.
  • Hi Emmanuel I can relate a little to the empty feel and mental warfare stuff but can only tell you this. When the crazy happens get some holy oil - anoint your forehead & pray to Jesus Christ Plead the blood of Christ over your mind. Sometimes deep depression can create a sense of crazy on your mind but always remind yourself lst and foremost Christ within you - your hope your Saviour. Scripture (memorize) Greater is He who is within you (Christ) than he who is in the world (satan)  If believers were as honest as you on this forum you would realise what u going through is relatively normal. We r in a war and the mind is the battleground. I respect you for your honesty. Sometimes medication can help ease the torment - if u not sleeping right the crazy feel will intensify so get a checkup with your doctor too. Fight on day at a time Break it down to a minute when get overwhelmed. Jesus promises his believers he wont forsake us. Just tell God I don't feel it but I believe! The battle is real but so is Gods victory..
  • Blasphemous thoughts are something that comes from the unholy trinity - the flesh, the world, and the devil. You can't control them, all you can do is swat them away and not engage with them, and they only become sinful when you engage with them.

    Saint Paisios of the Greek Orthodox Church said that evil thoughts are like airplanes that fly around, and you can't ever allow your head to become an airport.

    Martin Luther said something similar, that while birds may fly around, you can never let them nest in your head.
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