Our Coptic Youth Needs Help (Social Media and Sinning)

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As a 4th generation, recent college graduate myself, It saddens me to see my fellow peers want to be like the world. They are drinking alcohol, going to nightclubs, doing drugs, getting tattoos/piercings, kissing/being intimate before marriage, dressing provocatively. They gossip about each others misfortunes and exclude others for either "not being pretty enough," socioeconomic reasons, or being "different."

They are so consumed into social media and their pride and trying to impress others for popularity, rather than being humble, and trying to present Christ-like qualities as the Church would want us to do.

 Yes, I understand we are still young and we are indeed human, as Satan dangles our weaknesses right in front of our faces. I'm not gonna act like I'm some holier-than-thou, self-righteous saint. I, too, have sinned before, as I was young and foolish. 

However, Abouna had told us that God holds us more accountable than the non-believers and the atheists because we are aware of God's Word and what is right from wrong. 

I am calling all of us Coptic youth to help each other be strong in this ongoing spiritual battle.


  • may God help u and have mercy on us all
  • You are right MarinaM.
    But how can they help each other to return to God's grace?
  • I believe that through prayer this problem we have in the western world, God will be glorified and all the schemes and bonds satan has His people will be abolished. But we must be steadfast in prayer. We can help each other with prayer which is an act of love and showing unconditional and ever-enduring love.
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