Oriental Orthodox Prophecies or Eschatology?

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In both Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, a Theistic worldview is often taken quite literally in terms of Christian history, and it is often the case that many prophecies about the future are made which may or may not have to do with our current time.

In the Oriental Orthodox tradition, is there any literature available that pertains to either the End Times or our current day and age? Is there any certain Theistic-Historical worldview that is espoused by some Oriental Orthodox? Any literature about supposed prophecies from Saints? etc.


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    Btw I can see it coming a mile away - yes, I'm aware the New Testament is a viable resource. But considering that Oriental Orthodox don't seem to believe that the Bible is a Sola Scriptura - with everything outside the Bible being exclusive - text, is there anything besides the Bible?

    Of course, I know that it can be Spiritually dangerous to overtly focus on prophesy, but I want to get a greater understanding of the role of the Coptic Church, the Armenian Church, the Ethiopian Church, or the Syriac Church in its view of its own role in the world. 

    Will things change with Islam or "heterodox" religions? Any connection of "Armenia" or "Egypt" or "Ethiopia" being chosen fonts for Salvation of the world? Will things in the world get at least somewhat better from the garbage faithlessness and materialism we see? Apostasies in terms of Ecumenism or indifferentism to be concerned about? etc.

    Or will the Oriental Orthodox Church just wallow around indefinitely in its defined ethnic regions, unable to break any cultural boundaries like the Apostles due to dogmatic ethnophyletism, only to be killed off by Islam?
  • I can answer one. Church tradition preceded scripture so scripture is a great source but the tradition is to be keep.
  • Another, we can't say apostasis of Ecumenism when we pray for all Christians to remember us in the house of the Lord.
  • The dogma is connected to faith. So the question could be does the faith change?
  • Oriental Orthodoxy does not have any formally recognized Theistic-Historical World view of End Times. Not to my knowledge, at least.
    And no. There is no physical place that would be considered better than another. We, just like the EO, do not view a physical place, like Protestants do with modern day Israel.
    I can't answer the question about Heterodoxy. I have heard almost nothing in the OO church that would stress that by proclaiming our faith as the, "Truth" and to judge other religions or denominations. In fact, as a westerner, it has been humbling to see the submissiveness in Eastern Christian thought. I don't believe that means that we should be cowardice, but that by showing others by example, which includes martyrdom, is how we show our beliefs to other religions. Perhaps in time as the church, especially the Coptic church, grows in the west we will have more of that type of information or views in the years to come.
  • you can understand the coptic orthodox theology on the end times better, it will take just 1 night. but you can't get this through reading , you have to live it. so next Holy Week, go to apocalypse night at yr nearest coptic church. stay awake, meditate and pray, and everything will start to make sense.
  • The hardest part of what mabsoota said is going to be the "stay awake" part, especially if you attend the rest of the Holy Week services (fair warning: wear comfy clothes)
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