Question about the work of The Holy Spirit in us.

How can we allow the Holy Spirit to work more in us, and how to allow it to take full effect in our thought process? obviously without removing our will.


  • When we obey God's commandments and participate in the churches Holy Sacraments.
    Also Jesus Christ is our teacher and lead by example, so He is the life and our lifes are lead by Him. The Cross He died on represents a sacrfical life we which there are many things we sacrifice eg for others that they are also drawn to Christ and our own sacrifice in repentance for our purity.

    Repentance for me is the most important act of the Holy Spirit, that our thought processes are guided in the right direction. If our thought processes are in the right direction, then our hearts will be joined with Christ I pray.

    God be with you Abanoob.

  • And another thing was repentance is a returning back to God. The act of returning as well as returning back to Him is returning back to a good mind, one that is at peace, unperturbed and has the wisdom to live a truthful life.

    God bless you my brother.
  • Some was abusing me today and I had the thought, after some complaining, that I should pray for them that they needed healing. This has made it easier that I leave the conflict in God's hands. It was humbleness which I sort after because I became conceited.

    Lord Jesus Christ forgive my weakness and have mercy upon me.
  • God gives us Free Will. The Holy Spirit, "to its full effect" would be the result of submission to God's Will for us. We have the ability and choice to accept it or not, and it takes some time to fully understand it. Because, in my own experiences, sometimes we may be reading the right message the wrong way.
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