I'm in college and I have never confessed before

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Hello Brethren,

I am currently in college and I have never confessed before. One of the biggest reasons is because I am afraid of my own sins and I am embarrassed. My biggest sin right now is fornification with homosexuality and I am extremely upset by my sins. I am afraid and I do not know what to do. I want to confess but I am afraid of what will happen when I will confess. What is an absolution? Will there be a punishment? Please any help, answers, and advice will help me become more confident in confessing. I want to return to Christ. 


  • dear friend, i am sad to see you did not confess in childhood. in our orthodox church, this is normal.
    i have seen 7 year old children talking to a protestant enquirer in my church about confession and they explained it nicely.
    once you have left it an extra 10 yrs before confessing, you have work to do with yourself before you see the priest.

    i will just make a few brief points from my experience (9yrs orthodox after about 30 yrs of being protestant).
    i think you need to ask yourself some questions. don't answer publicly here, though, these are just private questions for you to prepare yourself for meeting the priest.

    firstly, do you believe in God?
    what sort of God is He?
    is He loving and forgiving, or is He someone you always hide from because you don't really think He is very nice (like some awful uncle or scary school teacher)?
    do you want a relationship with God?
    how important is it for you to be friends with God?
    is the beauty and strength of a friendship with God more important to you than other things in your life?
    did you know God Himself can give you the strength to let go of all that holds you back from living as His child and receiving full, abundant life?
    can you come to Him humbly saying 'Lord, i believe, help my unbelief'?

    if you think you can answer 'yes' to some of these questions, or if you wish you could, then look for pope shenouda's sermon on you tube entitled 'come back to God'.
    also go to church and learn about God. He forgives those who truly repent, and the angels in heaven rejoice over 1 sinner who repents, so go on and make their day!
  • Dear anonymoussinner ,
    There are no requirements for you to confess. Confession is a must for all of us, we are all sinners. "Repentance turns adulterers into virgins". Confession is the completion of your repentance. There is no punishment, no judgement - you will simply be granted God's forgiveness through the mediation of a priest who will be able to see if you are truly repenting.

    The struggle against homosexuality is difficult, and to receive proper guidance make sure you approach a priest you believe will understand you and be able to guide you. 

    May God strengthen you, don't hesitate to confess!
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