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ok i've seen this one movie at my church and it was abt the shawl that Jesus was wrapped in.. and they had alot of scientific researches and all these stuff.. so i was wondering do u guys think its true.. i mean they had alot of proofs.. i mean ALOT.. has anyone seen that movie???
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*.. love u all!!!!! ;D.. well i'm not as happy still but plz plz plz pray 4 me.. and hopefully everything will go back to normal.. :-\

Rina ;)


  • Could you please fill us in? For those who didn't see the movie.
  • theres alot of things that are supposedly jesus' things
    like his robe its in the vatican of rome w the catholics
    and the clothe that veronica whipped his face w
    i do believe it, bc it has been proven, hwever what i want to know is y the catholics have it and not us, they have his cross splinters 2
  • Rina... sure will pray for you dear... :)

    What you are referring to in the program you saw is the "Shroud of Turin".... it is the burial cloth that Jesus was wrapped in after his dead body was properly prepared and wrapped in this cloth.

    The official website of the Catholic church for the "Shroud of Turin" is this:

    The shroud is in Turin, Italy.

    Veronica's veil... the veil used to wipe the face of Our Lord Jesus as he walked on Calvary towards his crucifixion is also in Italy... it is in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

    The Catholic church has alot of relics of the saints and supposedly pieces of the "True Cross" on which Our Lord was crucified can be found in a church in Spain... but, I forgot the name. I know that in France the skull of Mary Magadalene is encased in gold and can be seen in a Basilica in France near a town called Sainte-Baume.

    I like to read about the relics of the Saints and Apostles... is something I enjoy. Our Coptic Church has many such relics as well... that is the richness of our faith that makes it so great. It wasn't too long ago that the Catholic church returned the relics of our founder "St. Mark" to the Coptic church. ;D

    God bless all
  • it is right, in a way, it has been proven wrong time wise.

    also who cares about these things, it is nothing compared to what we take every sunday.... or most of us do anyway.
  • "Wrong time wise" was also proven wrong when a Spanish scientist brought to light that bacteria can affect the carbon dating "dates" and make it appear that an object is not as old as ppl thought it was and make the tests inconclusive... that tests done on objects such as the Shroud need to be changed so they can be accurate....

    Personally, no one will be able to accurately test any object to anyones satisfaction... The things of God cannot be understood by scientists and it makes no difference to me as long as I believe in Christ regardless....

    Yes, the Eucharist is the most important, but, I see nothing wrong in relics or other objects which help to turn our attention to God...

    Lately, these forums are getting alot of negativity and instead of a simple response you get sarcasm or jokes about Our Faith even from believers... sigh... I feel for the moderators and the headaches they must get running these forums.

    God bless all
  • by no means did I mean what I said as a joke or sarcasm, I was stating my opinion.... and that in a way what you are suppose to do in a forum... maybe I've been doing it wrong...

    Please forgive me.
  • hey guys this isnt by any chance the same shawl or Holy napkin they make icons of right?
    if it isnt what is taht napkin and what signifigance does it hold? ill attach an icon to my post

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