Hello from an AntiohianGreek

Hello to all.I am an AntiohianGreek.My family is from Damascus,Syria.I live in Lebanon.We the AntiohianGreeks(not Greeks) are Eastern Orthodox(Copts are oriental Orthodox)and we are the majority of christians in Syria.We are ethnoreligious group as Copts.You can find more here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antiochian_Greek_Christians.You never see any AntiohianGreeks in internet because we(AntiohianGreeks) are only 1,5 milion peoople and from this 1,5 milion only 1-2% have got internet.I hope speak and learn more about Copts and oriental orthodox christians.


  • Hi AntiohianGreek!
    Welcome brother and hope you will learn a lot, I for one has learned a lot on this forum. Nice to meet you
  • Hello to Brother.I listen many for AntiohianGreeks and i know that they are not Greeks.I learn that they are Orthodox christians from Syria and Lebanon.But i never see any AntiohianGreek in internet and now who ypu say this i understand what.Welcome my Brother again!
  • Hello AntiohianGreek and welcome to this forum.
  • Welcome.
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