A history of Coptic boy in Egypt who his father killed


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    Thanks for sharing this with us CoptAthens.

    In the name of Jesus, my prayers with the families and friends, that God will let their story be known, that he will send them all the help they need and comfort them, that he will strengthen and uphold them. Specially the children, that he will guide them and that they will find the happiness and peace of heart by their Heavenly Father who loves them and holds them dear. Theirs is the Kingdom.

    Blessed are the martyrs, the Spirit of God is with them and they know God. They have the true glory and the truth and the life, they truly love God and are his children. The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and the revelation of God is worthy to die for, Glory and praise to his name forever.

    I pray for the evildoes who do not know the Father nor the Son, who are blinded by their hard hearts, i pray the truth will be revealed to them and they will have eyes to see and that they will repent and turn away from this evil. I pray they will be rooted in love and truth and know the will of God and become his followers doing his work and not the work of the devil as they are now.

    And may God give strenght and hope to all his followers and may they draw always closer to him being purified by him and bringing the light to the world and the true peace from God and the true powerful love

  • I am very sad who read this.Maybe i am not Copt now but i hope bad death to terrorists who do this bad things.
  • I see this again and again.
  • The christians in middle east are heroes.
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