Coptic Church & Roman Catholicism

I'm sure most on here are aware of the upcoming meeting between Pope Tawadros & Pope Francis. I know in the past Pope Tawadros has hinted that he would like to be on the same calendar as all Christians. 

My questions is, what are the odds that the Coptic Church would ever try and enter into communion with the Roman Church? Given that Copts would have to acceot infallibility of the Roman pope, do you ever think this would happen? Would it be met with a push-back from the Coptic clergy and laity? 


  • I don't think a union will ever happen considering the many differences between the two churches. You have to remember that we are not even fully united with the Easter Orthodox Churches of which the Catholic Church separate in the 11th century.

    The proposal of the calendar change is kind of on our side--like the ball is in our court since we are the ones that haven't changed to the Gregorian calendar. That being said, this will only set the date of Christmas and not Resurrection. So to unite Christmas, we need to fix our calendar, and to unite Resurrection, we need to fix our calendar, while the catholics also needing to restore the rule of Resurrection Sunday takes place after the Jewish Passover (which is think is the only rule they ignored since it was accepted in Nicea).

    So you see, there is already a lot to deal with there and none of these changes will take place any time soon. 
  • Oh, i forgot to mention, we would never accept infallibility of the Roman Pope or St Peter Primacy :-)
  • I think as the world is heading towards an irreversible direction, the concern of the churches will be to unite, perhaps, in a different way under one banner, spiritually for survival. I don't think this will be theological or ecclesial unity, but I do think the past will no longer be allowed to hinder the unity we must posses under the coming onslaught of Islam and militant secularism from the west. 2 forces, ironically very fundamentally opposed, yet have the same purpose of destroying Christianity in whatever form it exists. 

    I also strongly believe that Russia, China, Egypt and Syria will play a great role, all politics aside. I know there are the political junkies out there who would disagree who can't seem to separate political figures with the current miraculous revival taking place in Russia but if current trends hold true, then it is inevitable the world will be schismed among ideological lines that will manifest most definitely along political ones too. These ideological lines are simple as I see it. The west ("I" culture) vs the East(Collectivism, traditional culture). The gaps are already appearing. Russia is attempting to resist what has been the zeitgiest of the past 50 years. It's near destruction under communism has awakened it to that reality. 

    Egypt also, will play a great role as I see it. The Coptic Orthodox church is currently adding to it synaxariun in a way not seen since the early Roman emperors. The persecution is mounting but to the detriment of Her enemies, ironically. There are estimates of thousands of orthodox converts in Egypt being added to the church with many fleeing to countries like Lebanon to get baptized because it's the only muslim country (as I'm aware) to allow conversions form Islam to Christianity without punishment. I know several former Muslims in my church who were baptized Coptic Orthodox in Lebanon and in monasteries before leaving for the west.

    China, too, as I see it will not remain stagnant. More and more we see it leaning toward allying with Russia, the general Christian world, and middle eastern resistors like Syria. China time and again in the united nations has voted for motions preserving family values and traditional world views, much to the confusion of many because of its communist driven ideology. God is working and it seems China sees itself as having to choose a side because ideological struggles are what will shape the world of the future. People fight and die for ideology. This is the siren call of people these days. Whether good or bad philosophy, everyone is fighting for their own world view and Christians will come to realize it is the world vs them. 

    Apologies from detracting from the OP. It just got me thinking that unity in the small matters that we're thinking of now may not happen, although it would be welcomed most definitely.
  • That was a really great post Tobit. I actually just read this article that reminded me of what you said:

    Even though I am coming into the Orthodox Church through the Antiochians, I still very much love the Coptic Church & will be meeting with a Coptic priest next week. The one thing that worries me is the seeming influence of Protestantism on the Coptic Church. I hope this does not mean the Copts are succumbing to heresy 

    Just from the Copts that I have talked to, it seems that if they were going to unite with anyone it would be the Eastern Orthodox. Hopefully, seeing this, the Roman Church would repent and join in 
  • In middle east are many churches.Coptic Orthodox Church,Coptic Catholic Church and other here in Egypt.But other christian nations as Assyrians have got many churches(Assyrian Church,Chaldean Catholic Church,Ancient Assyrian Church,Syriac Orthodox Church,Syriac Catholic Church,Assyrian Orthodox Church,Assyrian Evangelical Church and other).I dont think that we can have union with all churches.
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