It's been my hearts desire to completely surrender my life to God and become a monk. However from what I understand, you have to finish college before a monastery will accept you (I know there are other requirements but this is the one that stands in the way). Are there any coptic orthodox monasteries that will take a man who hasn't finished college? 


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    Hi Salib,
    from my understanding a college degree in it self isn't a prerequisite to becoming a monk, but rather that rule was put in place to show that you are "successful" in the world. Whether it is a bachelor,diploma, trade certificate,full time work or owning your own business...etc. I think it's main purpose is to show success in the world and not just an easy way out. It is important a monk has success in the world before joining the monastery, as St Peter says in Matthew 19:27 : See, we have left all and followed You..and Jesus replies: ...everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life. I strongly suggest you talk to you father of confession and the abbot of your local monastery.
    God bless you.
  • The short answer is, no, there aren't any coptic orthodox monasteries that will accept someone with out a college degree or something equivalent. The main reason for that is so people don't just become monks for the same of fleeing from the world. The world is so evil and corrupt now that it "looks" better to be in a monastery and "praying" to God. But, as Anba Youssef of SUS said during one of the brothers consecration in the Texas Monastery (I was present then), "you cannot just replace your life in the world with the one in the monastery."  
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    I know a few monks who did not finish college. Historically, no. But, moving forward I would say yes. Although, probably 95% have completely their post-secondary education. You should finish your school first, if God wills it, you will become a monk. Patience is a requirement.
  • @minatasgeel, could you elaborate a little more on Anba Youssef's saying. And just out of curiosity (you don't have to answer these two questions), what year? and which brother?
  • HGBY words were not private, and he said them to everyone who was it was akh Polycarpus....i think it was a 3 years ago.

    He was specifically saying that life in the monastery, atleast the life we see monks live, in essence is not too different from outside. Yes, you are living among a new family, with stricter rules, and way of living...but if there is no calling, if there is no connection to God, if there is no spiritual change, then living as a monk as exactly the same as living as a layman, and sometimes even much better since you'll be guaranteed food and sleep. 
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