Chalcedonian Saints

I have noticed a few parish websites recently that are covered with Icons and quotations from Chalcedonian Orthodox Saints, with hardly a mention of any Coptic Orthodox Saints or Fathers. I find this a little odd, and Inwonder what you all think about it. My understanding is that our Churches have good relations, but are not in full communion yet. I think public cross-veneration of Saints is premature at this time.


  • I agree with you on that point. Can you provide some examples though?
  • I also agree. We as oriental orthodox have a rich history of saints and fathers..sadly many go untranslated especially many of St Shenouda the archmendrite's works..
  • Many of St Shenoute's works are translated. You have to dig for them. Even if they were all translated, we OO would still not use them. We have a tendency to want to be spoon fed information instead of researching it on one's own. Translation is not the issue. 
  • translation, dissemination, publication, indeed are all issues..I will agree that we OO especially Copts don't take the initiative to learn about our own faith more deeply. Historical remembrance is important. This particularly is what revived Orthodoxy in Russia rather quickly in a span of a few decades. While many millions of Russians still don't consider themselves Orthodox, they nonetheless join in public christian celebrations, and have a general respect and reverence for their Orthodox historical past. I pray we Copts continue to remember our past and build the future with it.
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