Repentance Struggle

Hi all. I'm really struggling with the idea of Repentance and getting myself to go through and coming clean with my sins. I've recently been falling into a trap of sin after sin and some very bad (concerning sexuality). I feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life and there is no reconciliation after it. I understand that my Father of Confession can help through this and all sins are forgiven with the right heart, but I still feel like I don't have a chance to come back. Is it too late? What's the best way to forward? I can stop my ways because of the fear that I have, but I don't know how to come back. 


  • We are all sinners Hiten. Do not be despaired of your weakness. Ashamed, sure. Despaired, never. It is never too late. Think right-hand thief who during his last breath was saved. Why else did Christ take flesh, be crucified, and be risen? Is it not that, through His grace, we be united to Him, despite our weaknesses? Rest assured, your sin is forgiven. As humans, we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. Do not let that despair you. Understand that you are fighting a war. Mostly against yourself, but where God is, grace abounds. Be sure, that no one, no one whatsoever, is worthy of coming close to God. But He loves us, He wants us, even to death. He purposefully died, that we may approach Him in our filth through His grace. So don't be afraid, nor worried of anything - just approach Him and ask Him for forgiveness through your father of confession. Believe me, the father of confession biggest worry is when people do not see their weakness and live in it day by day. He will be gladdened to hear of your honesty and willingness to keep getting closer to God and remorse and willingness to fight this battle. He doesn't even expect you that you say it once and never fail again. He knows it's all a long war. One that I guarantee you will win if you stay honest with him, with yourself, and with God.

    ---there is a story of a monk. One of his weaknesses was his sexual desires. He would fall in this regularly but he used to rise up and say "God I know I'm bad and I don't deserve to stand in the front of you, but if you help the righteous people, this is because they deserve your help, please accept me again and help me overcoming this sin". The young monk continued falling and rising and falling and rising and every time he fell he used to rise up and say exactly the same words. One day he fell and rose up and said the same words, the devil went really mad and appeared to him and told him "Don't you get ashamed of your sins to talk to God with your filthy mouth?" the monk said "Well you hit me with sin and I hit you with the love of God and lets see who is going to win", from that time the devil left him alone and did not fight him with the sin because he did not want him to get more CROWNS for his hope and faith in God.---
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