heading to NY

so me and my brother have to decided to travel and spend 2 weeks in NY
was wondering if there is any churches that offered some accommodation
are there any Coptic churches worth visiting, like what are the big churches in NY
and apart from the main attractions what is worth recommending to visit
i'm sorry this post isnt fully church related
its just it seems allot of the chaps on here live in America
thankyou and God bless


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    St. Mark Coptic Church, Westside Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, the first Coptic Church built in North America if I'm not mistaken.

    St. Mary and St. Antonios Church in Ridgewood Queens, the first Coptic Church in NY (third in North America).

    St. Mary's Coptic Church in East Brunswick, NJ (huge and beautiful church; popularly a wedding choice for Copts and Indian Orthodox)

    St. Vartan's Armenian Cathedral, NYC, (Only OO Cathedral in the area)

    Sites: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square (Broadway shows), metropolitan museum of art(I recommend section of ancient Egypt), Central Park

    If you can, go visit historic Philadelphia, PA as well for some good US history!
  • Oh...famous Orthodox Theological Seminary in the area is St. Vladimir's at Scarsdale, NY as well if you like to take a visit and know something about them
  • thankyou very much minasoliman
    do you know if any of them offer accomidation
    and lastly any recommendations for Broadway on what to watch 
    thanks again and God bless
  • St. Vladimir's Seminary would definitely be a great place to visit. Great library and bookstore. There is also the newly established Coptic Chapel of St. Mark and the historic Three Hierarchs Chapel that might interest you.

    You can visit St. Vladimir's Seminary and have accommodations here for a small fee. PM me if you'd like the appropriate contact information.
  • I hear there's this broadway show on Saturday Dec. 19 based on CS Lewis' "The Great Divorce". I'm not sure about all the details, but if you're in that area then, it would be a cool thing to attend.
  • Phantom of the Opera is a classic if you can see that one. I have seen a few, and there are some more I wish to see that I heard are great but tickets get sold out months in advance!

    What I would suggest is check out the website:


    Browse through the show descriptions, Google some reviews, and if there's anything that interests you, narrow them down and see the available tickets for you to order.
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